Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Belated Friday Five

Oh, hey, internets! Didn't mean to take a bloggy break, but I did, so there. How about a very belated Friday Five? We'll call it Tuesday...Twive

1. It feels like I have half a dozen or so unfinished craft projects, some of which I'm excited to share once they're done. Others? Probably best left unsaid.

2. Santa gave me my Christmas gift early, so I'm the proud new owner of a Keurig single-cup coffeemaker. I've had fun trying out traditional coffees, as well as hot apple cider and hot cocoa. I'll be picking up one of those reusable-with-your-own-grinds filters, too, but in the meantime I'm enjoying the little cups I have at the moment.

3. Holiday shopping for Em is dangerous. I'm scared to see how much loot I've picked up, and we still haven't figured out a "big" gift for her, which I know is not necessary but still something I'd like to do. We started off with a bike, but seeing as how it's regularly in the 30s here and will continue to get colder, it seems cruel to give her something she can't really use for a few months. Then we thought about a playhouse, which we could use here indoors until it's warm enough to put it outside. However, Senior Santas (aka my in-laws') got her a fun, cardboard, color-it-in house, so we might hold off on a more deluxe playhouse a while longer. Now I'm thinking about an upgraded dollhouse. Decisions, decisions.

4. Naptime revamping in the house. Em used to nap from 1-3, but then her bedtime protests started to go on for HOURS. However, on days she didn't nap, she'd go to bed just fine, no stalling. We're playing around with a shorter nap, which I stealthily get her to take on the couch. That way when it comes time to wake her up after an hour, I can simply get up and walk loudly or slyly bump her. This leads her to think that she's waking up on own, instead of getting pissed at me when I go to wake her up from her peaceful slumber in her bedroom. And she doesn't protest at bedtime. I'd like to think I'm winning some sort of mind-control parenting game, but I'm sure I'm the sucker in this situation.

5. Fuzzy socks! I can't get enough of the fuzzy socks this season! They keep me cozy and no need to hassle with slippers as I get on and off the couch. Groundbreaking stuff here, right?


  1. We have to wake Lily up at 7 in the morning and only let her nap for an hour or she won't ever go to bed at night. As it is even the way we do it now she doesn't go down till about 9. I'd much rather her go down earlier, but I'm not willing to wake up earlier with her and she's not ready to give up naps (neither am I).

    I love fuzzy socks.

  2. Fuzzy socks are one of the best things about winter!

  3. I love the fuzzy socks too! We had the same thought about the bike for Rex. He could probably ride it around the basement but thought it would be best to wait for his birthday. The dollhouse is so cute, you should go for that. I hear ya on the unfinished craft projects- I even have a cute, big office now to work in but still can't seem to get things done. It doesn't help that the boys TRASH it every time we use the office to Skype with someone. Then I don't feel like cleaning it up and it really doesn't get used and the projects just sit there. Quite the conundrum.