Friday, December 30, 2011

Friday Five

1. The holiday decor is put away, and now our house looks so plain in contrast. I don't want to go nuts with tchotchkes, but we definitely need to accessorize around here.

2. Tomorrow is our first New Year's Eve here in Portland. We're not partying it up, which is not our style anyway, but we will get to catch up with some friends. I'm very much looking forward to it.

3. December has been an near-record dry month here, but the past few days are certainly making up for it. The rain coat I ordered from Lands End can't get here soon enough.

4. Brent is on vacation this week, and we had planned to take a daytrip to a local ski area so Em could experience her first snow. However, it's been raining on top of the snow, as well as something we'd never heard of, called "graupel." We'll hold off for a better weekend to check out.

5. Em has a rare but terrifying habit of bolting off in public. It's happened on our neighborhood walks, in the bookstore, at the craft store -- and while I'm always quick to catch her, it scares me to no end. I've started explaining stranger danger, and she's taken it to heart. "What could happen if you run away, Em?" "I could get hurt. Someone could take me. Mommy and Daddy would be very sad. I'd be sad, too." Ugh, it hurts me  to even have to think about it, but it's a very important part of this whole parenting gig.

So sad


  1. Kind of related, I was taking my 3-year-old nephew on a walk to get donuts (fill 'em with sugar before I give him back, you know) and we're approaching the first intersection (with a don't walk sign) and he yells, "WAIT! You gotta hold my hand." Duh, who does he think I am? A newbie? Please, he's one of the only humans under 18yo that I like. But he's piqued my curiosity, so I ask, "What would happen if I don't hold your hand?" And he says with grave seriousness, "A car will come and I'll go SPLAT like a bug and my guts will be everywhere." Wow, that was graphic. I asked my sister about it later and she was like, "Gotta tell it like it is; he needs to understand."

  2. We've had nothing but rain for three days which is pretty rare for Bend. We finally woke up to snow this morning. Have fun with Jen! I'll be in Portland in Feb but without Lil B :(

  3. never heard of graupel 'til now, either. thought it was a word made up by groupon.

  4. I'm sad to report that it will likely not stop raining until summer (which begins in July). Better get some rainboots, too :-)

  5. wow, that IS scary! My son did that when he was around 2, but luckily he's gotten over that. What's Stranger Danger?

  6. hope your first new year's in portland was a fun one!