Sunday, December 04, 2011

Oh Em Tree

I was excited when Brent proclaimed that this year we'd have our first real, live tree for Christmas. The last time I had a real tree was my sophomore year of college, and I adore them.

We picked up a 7-foot tree at a nearby lot tonight and set it up in our living room. After Brent and I finalized the strands of lights, we let Em loose on the ornaments.

By the third ornament Brent and I both realized that Em didn't understand the concept of spreading the cheer around the tree. So we decided to just see where she went with it.

Trimming the tree


Brent gave her a boost to top the tree with our star.
Star topper

Em was pleased with the outcome and exclaimed, "TA DA!"
Ta da! 

I'd love to leave it the way it is, but the ornaments are already starting to roll off from the weight on the branches. 
Bottom heavy
It really is a thing of beauty, though.


  1. MegglesP8:47 PM

    That is crazy adorable.

  2. The sweetest. Seriously. LOVE

  3. LOL my husband and I both laughed so hard at this post. Em is too adorable!

  4. That reminds me of this weird skit from this Saturday's SNL...

  5. That is SO funny. We just put our tree up yesterday and our 3-year-old did the same thing. After he went to bed, I spread some of them out

  6. :D love it! hahahhaa. but you weren't playing fair. when will she even be close to 7 feet tall? haha.

  7. that is just too funny/cute.

  8. I am dying from cuteness overload.

  9. I love it! Especially love your colorful bulbs. Great job Em!