Sunday, December 18, 2011

A Santa retrospective

Operation Visit Santa Without Freaking Out was a success!


In line she went back and forth between excitement and fear, but when her turn came, she was happy to see him. She was giddy about the coloring book he gave her, and I was pleased with the Gymboree coupon he gave me as it was a Santa sponsor. 

This visit was particularly exciting since multiple attempts last year did not pan out. She refused to get anywhere near the big guy, and would only watch from afar.
"Nope, Mommy. NO SANTA." 

The year before, when she had little concept of fear, went great. 
"Hey, Santa!" 

At a wee 2 1/2 months old, she could do nothing but sit there, looking stylish in her post-nap haze.
  Em's first Santa visit

Seeing all these visits together, it blows my mind how much she changes from year to year. Our baby is now a full-fledged little girl! 


  1. Hannah's pics are similar to Em's in that they both share fall birthdays. Hannah is 2 years 3 months now, I found it extremely hard getting a decent pic of her with Santa this year. The one we settled on is her in her jacket (because she refused to take it off), holding onto her blanket (named Chachie) and sucking on a mini-Tootsie Pop. I love how long Em's hair is, she looks like a sweet girl. It's gonna be a fun Christmas for you!!

  2. While looking at Em through the years is beyond adorable (I had completely forgotten what she looked like as a baby!), reviewing Santas through the years is almost as fun.

  3. It's amazing how she's morphed into a little girl. It only seems a few moments ago, you were writing posts about her a baby.

  4. aw, she did so good! my 1-year-old wanted nothing to do with Santa this year. My 3-year-old was still a bit afraid, but woudl sit on his lap at least

  5. What a little trooper. She did great and I love seeing all the other pictures.

  6. Wow. I can not believe how much she's grown up. She's like a teenager already! So cute.