Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Wordless{ish} Wednesdays: Be our guest

When Jen, her husband and son took us up on our offer to crash at our place on their way back from California to their Seattle home on New Year's Eve, I was thrilled. I don't think Brent and I had seen them since their wedding, maybe, in 2005!

That means this was the first time we'd get to meet the other's kiddos! Em and Jen's son are just a couple of months apart.

We met up for dinner, which started with Rowan slipping Em a mini bag of M&Ms. He knows the way to her heart already! It also earns him big points with her sweet-toothed mama!


Then they spent a few hours after dinner at our place, plowing through Em's vast collection of toys. It was the first time we'd had another kid at our house, and Em was so excited to show off her room and share all her toys. Suddenly 2 shopping carts, 4 baby dolls, 223 pieces of play food, 2 dozen cans of Play-Doh make total sense -- plenty for them to share, even if it didn't prevent all battles over certain toys. 

The next morning the kids were up bright and early, and made us some Play-Doh "cookies."
Morning Play-Doh 

Making "cookies" out of Play-Doh 

And they played Toddler Paparazzi for a bit before Jen and family made their way back to Seattle. (See? Two cameras FTW!)
Toddler paparazzi 

Albeit a brief visit, it was a lot of fun. Brent and I particularly enjoyed it because it's not often we get to see Em interact with kids her own age. We get glimpses of it at preschool drop-off/pick-up, but nothing like we saw with the two of them together.

I wish we all lived closer, but now we have an even more perfect excuse to head up to Seattle. And our PDX door is always open for Jen and her crew!


  1. you could have a zillion toys, but they always seem to want what the other has... ha ha

  2. I didn't know you guys went so far back! How cool that you live only 3 hours apart now in fun cities to visit. :-)

  3. Awh, I love this! And I love that we got to see you guys. The kids together were so cute, and it just made me wish we lived closer. Though, three hours is pretty darn close considering it was more like 16 hours before you moved to Portland!

    We hope we get to see you guys again soon! When you're ready to visit Seattle, we would love to be your tour guides. :)

  4. It's so bizarre, and fun, to see these two in the same pictures!