Friday, February 03, 2012

Friday Five: Sunny days sweeping the clouds away

1. A couple of my Pacific Northwest friends have mentioned that February tends to offer us one week of gorgeous sunny weather to break up the gloom a bit, and it appears that this is the week. My eyes have gotten used to the overcast skies, so the sun streaming is through our windows is throwing me off -- in a good way. Vitamin D for the win!

2. We got to hang out with my So Cal friend, Claire, yesterday. Em was smitten with her and insisted Clare push her in the cart when we visited Target. They bonded over their love of a particular cat Valentine card.

3. Last night Brent and I had a lovely date night, starting with dinner and cocktails at Beaker & Flask. We could've eaten a dozen of these trout deviled eggs we had as an appetizer.
Smoked trout deviled eggs 

4. Dinner was followed by our first live music show in Portland, featuring one of the few musical artists Brent and I both love -- Teitur. He dedicated his last song, One and Only, to a couple at the show who had danced to it at their wedding for their dance. The crowd encouraged them to jump up onto the empty dance floor, where they had the sweetest dance together. It was a tiny bit choreographed, which was adorable. I may have gotten a little teary at the romance of it all. 

At the end of the show, I sheepishly offered to email them the pic I took above, which they were thrilled to have. They had wished they had planned ahead to get pictures, so my pic was a happy surprise. :::pats self on back:::

I joked with Brent that the song played during dinner at our wedding, so next time Teitur comes to town, we're totally reenacting our wedding dinner while he plays.

5. Inspired by Brittany's wavy hair tutorial, I finally bought myself one of those curling wands and tried it out today. I got my hair cut last week and have been dying to play up my new layers. 

Before curling:
before curling 
 After curling: 
After the curling 
I didn't do Brittany's overnight braid suggestion, and I need more practice with the curling wand, but overall I'm pleased with the results. 


  1. I am so jealous of your fancy Target carts!

  2. Love it! The wands are AMAZING, and the braids just help add volume and hold curl longer, so it's totally a play with it until you find the sweet spot kind of thing!

  3. love the shower curtain! and yay for claire in portland!

  4. Cute hair! I may have to try too. Those trout deviled eggs make my stomach churn though- putting fish and eggs together? The two grossest foods in the world (to me anyhow)? Pass on that. Glad you guys had a nice date night out though!

  5. Yay! Love that Claire visited you guys. I hope I get to do the same soon :)

  6. Such a fun perfect day with you guys! Thank you again for having me and I can't wait to visit again soon...maybe with some more SoCal ladies in tow! Give Em a big hug for me. :)