Thursday, February 23, 2012

Magic Maze

Don't know if you've heard, but it rains a lot here in Portland. It's drizzle most of the time, but it's enough to make you appreciate a break in the rain. When we get those breaks on the weekend, Brent is quick to take Em outside to soak up the fresh air.

I tend to stay inside as it's an opportunity for them to have some one-on-one Dad/Em time, and I can watch them from our big windows.

Sometimes they kick the ball around. Sometimes they draw with chalk. Em's new favorite thing is what one of them has dubbed the Magic Maze.

(darkened to enhance the maze outline) Magic Maze

Per her request, Brent draws Em these relatively elaborate paths. This weekend he filled it with random drawings along the way -- some to avoid and some just because.

Picnik collage
1. Fairy 2. The Man (Not a man, as Brent was quick to point out. THE Man.) 3. A robot. 4. Indian food.

Picnik collage
5. A dragon. 6. Ignorance. (Sweetie, does that say 'ignorance'? "Yes, because nothing is scarier than ignorance.")

Once the Magic Maze was complete, they ran it again and again from start to finish.

"Daddy, I'm a dragon!"

"Don't worry, Daddy. I'm a nice dragon!"

That's a magical maze indeed.


  1. That's freaking adorable. The "ignorance" and Indian food gave me the LOLZ.

  2. Anonymous10:40 AM

    I'm sorry that I don't comment on your blog, because I really love it. And I love Em. And I love this maze. You guys rock!


  3. One of the sweetest moments with the two of them that I have seen!!

  4. aw what a cute little dragon.