Friday, March 23, 2012

iPhone, YouPhone, We All Scream for iPhone

This week I crossed over to the darkside and got myself an iPhone. I was the biggest cheerleader for my Sprint HTC EVO phone and its Android platform. If not for the camera that suddenly crapped out on me, its inability to record videos longer than 15 seconds without skipping and random freezing/restarting, I would've been content with it for ages. And this continued after numerous troubleshooting and replacements from Sprint.


I miss my EVO's huge screen, but so far, I'm digging my iPhone. The sales guy was right -- going from the Android system to an iPhone is like going from driving a manual to an automatic. There hasn't been too much of a learning curve, thankfully.

The image quality, both for pictures and videos, is out of this world.

Bonus? I get to join the throngs of my friends on Instagram. (I'm Nannersp, if you want to look me up.) Now I'm capturing my life through various filters that make me look like a first-class photographer (in my mind). 
Picnik collage 

Thanks, Steve Jobs! 


  1. welcome to the iPhone club, it's a wonderful place to be. wee!

  2. Katie1:41 PM

    I have had a droid for a year and a half. I LOVE the REAL keyboard! I swore I would NEVER go to an iphone because of the touchscreen keyboard. But.....I've had several problems with my droid, and I really would like a nicer camera on my phone....
    So....I too will hope to become an iphone owner in May when I am due for a new phone. The hard part is making myself wait until then.

    1. Yes! Waiting for my upgrade date was the hardest part!

  3. once you go iPhone, you never go back. welcome to the dark side!

  4. yay! i love/hate the iphone.