Monday, March 12, 2012

Pinteractive: A couple in the kitchen

I've recently rediscovered Nutella, a rich hazelnut spread. I enjoy it on graham crackers, apple slices, you name it. It's a dangerous love affair, so I have to be cognizant not to cancel out recent workouts in a snacking session.

On Pinterest I'm quick to repin recipes featuring Nutella. Yesterday was the day I decided to finally tackle this one -- for Nutella and sea salt-stuffed sugar cookies.


They're decadent yet not too heavy and even pleased my picky husband.

Em eagerly watched on as I pulled the recipe together, and had a hard time keeping her hands out of the Nutella. (That's my girl.) She loved sprinkling the sea salt on each cookie half and rolling the cookies in sugar before baking. And when she finally got to enjoy the fruits of our labor after dinner, she exclaimed, "Hello, cookie!" before taking a bite. 

Earlier in the day when deciding what to do for dinner, Brent suggested finding a tomato bread soup recipe on Pinterest. It was one of the most memorable dishes from our trip to Italy. In situations like these, Pinterest is the new Google. It's a great visual way to find what you're looking for and to see what's particularly popular to the masses. 

I found this recipe, which sounded easy yet delicious. I picked up the ingredients, and Brent took on the dish while I finished the cookies. He was skeptical about my choice of sourdough bread, and rightfully so as it turned out more glutinous than we would have liked. It was still flavorful and filling, and the bread pieces almost felt like dumplings. Next time, though, we'll use a thicker-crusted bread. 

We sat down with our heaping bowls of it just in time to catch The Walking Dead, which I noted probably wasn't the best idea. As I looked down at my soup and looked up at zombies decapitated across my television screen, Brent said, "Hey, if zombie brains taste like tomato soup and basil, BRING ON THE ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE!" 

Your turn! What did you tackle this week? Grab the code and link up below! 


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  1. These both look so good! I am particularly dying to try the cookies. YUM. Too bad I resolved to behave myself. They will have to wait.