Monday, March 05, 2012

Pinteractive: Spice rack shelves

I hit up IKEA a while back.

Me to employee: I'm looking for some spice racks, but I don't see them anywhere...
Employee: Oh, yeah. I know *exactly* what you're talking about. They've become really popular all of a sudden!
Me: Well, they're popular on design blogs as book shelves.

Employee: Sadly, we're ALL sold out.
Me: *gasp*
Employee: .....but we did just take the displays down last night, so they'll probably be in our "as-is" section downstairs.
Me: *high five* (in my head. She didn't strike me as the high-five type.)

So I made a beeline for downstairs. I didn't see them anywhere at first, but then an employee wheeled out a cart with items to stock, including the spice rack displays. They were marked down from $4 to $3, AND they were already assembled. Score and score!

I bought all four, although I only needed two. My plan was to paint them white before sharing them as a Pinteractive project, but the weekend got away from me so I'm sharing them with you as they are now in Em's reading nook.


Em loves her reading spot. When she's having a tantrum and we suggest she go to her room to calm down, we always find her there, cozy and reading to herself. 

I tried some of my hair ideas from Pinterest last night but didn't have any success with my first attempts. My arms weren't up for practicing the braids over and over again, and I doubt you'd want to see those hot mess results. I'll share them once I perfect them a little more. 

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  1. That is so funny about the spice racks. My friend had a similar thing happen to her but it didn't end as happily as your story.

    She went to Ikea and asked about the spice racks. The salesperson replied, "Pinterest?" My friend was surprised and said yes. The salesperson told her because of Pinterest, Ikea was completely sold out of the spice racks on the east coast!

  2. Those turned out really cute. What a nice little spot for her to chill. Kids love little worlds like this, I think. ;) I've been wanting to make the rain-gutter bookshelves for Ben's room for a while, but I still haven't done it! Another weekend!

  3. Wow- it is crazy that the spice rack idea is so popular that they have run out. I pinned it too a while back but I guess I won't even bother looking for them whenever we make it to Minneapolis again. I love the reading nook and so glad you had good luck finding the shelves!

  4. i have been waiting to get those spice racks foreverrr, but they are always sold out! love em's nook!

  5. That reading nook is too cute! Funny story about the shelves, the same thing happened to me awhile back at Michaels. Literally drove myself to six different Michaels, and I never found what I was looking for.

  6. You lucked out on the racks. Awesome.

  7. i want a reading nook for myself! that is seriously too cute and those shelves are an excellent addition.

  8. Love it! I actually did do a pinterest-inspired home decor project recently, but I haven't gotten around to writing about it yet.

  9. i showed the hub those ikea spice rack bookshelves too, and he liked them. now i know not to bother braving IKEA anytime soon for them.

  10. GREAT idea! I should have thought of doing that AGES ago! Alas, we have no IKEA nearby!