Tuesday, March 13, 2012

You talkin' to me?

Em surprised us a few months ago when she pulled out this face during one of our Steppin' Out posts.

De Niro face

We've dubbed it her "De Niro" face because, OBVIOUSLY.

And now we can summon her De Niro face, along with a memorable line.

If it's hard to hear, Brent taught her to say, "I hear things" (or "tings" with a Brooklyn accent.)

We had to shoot it half a dozen times because Brent and I were laughing too hard during each take. It kills us every time. She seems to love doing it, too. 

We'll work on her Morgan Freeman impression next. I could use some lulling to sleep with a melodic voice.


  1. That is so funny!

  2. HAAA! I'm now thinking of the SNL skit where Jimmy Fallon spoofs De Niro. "You're gonna meet me. You're gonna MEET the Parents."


    Love it.

  3. bahahahhahahahah! LOVE!

  4. LOVE! She is such a character!

  5. Sounds like the beginning of her stand up routine!