Wednesday, April 25, 2012

For Your Amusement (Park)

This weekend we had the amazing sunny weather and were itching to take advantage of it. I remembered that this little amusement park that we had yet to visit was just a few miles from our house, so we headed out for a couple of hours.


Oaks Amusement Park offers wrist bands for unlimited rides, but we decided to stroll the park, figure out what rides we wanted to try and what Em would be up for and then buy single tickets for the rides accordingly.

Fun zone

We started with a little train that took us around the park. 

Then we found ourselves back at a small but speedy roller coaster that Em was enamored with. She convinced us that she wanted to try it, even after we sat and watched it scream by again and again. Brent had a tiny headache and I'm our resident roller coaster fiend, so I went with her. I'd say 95% of the riders were kids, but I'd guess that they were mainly 5 and older. Em met the height requirement, though, and was determined to try it. 

As soon as it took off, Em started screaming -- and not in the "wooooo, this is fun!" way. It was a "gaaaaaah, make it STOP!" kind of scream. The little coaster only made two trips around, so I knew it would be over soon. Brent snapped a couple of pics but none I'm sharing here. Me at high speed is not a flattering angle. 

After the shock of it wore off, Em agreed to ride a couple rides that were more her speed. 

Pew pew!


She really was having fun, though, despite the lack of smile you see. If asked, Em will tell you, "The roller coaster was TOO FAST, but I liked the train, rocket and car."

On our way out I convinced Brent that Em needed some sort of souvenir to remember our afternoon. There was an "everyone wins" game where players toss a whiffle ball at rows of colored glasses. The colored glass where the ball lands determines the size of the prize. Em tossed one ball and landed on a medium-sized prize. She chose this wee little whale, and she's still smitten with it. 


The park was cute and more of a pop-up carnival than Disneyland, but we'll definitely head back, especially since it's all so close to home. And all the fun above only cost $16! 

They have a miniature golf course and roller rink, as well as some fun summer events geared toward kiddos like Em -- all of which we look forward to trying. 


  1. fun! that picture of em with the little whale is Too Cute.

  2. OKTOBERFEST! They have a cute little Oktoberfest there. As well as a cute little Scandinavian Festival.

    Also: my 8th grade graduation party was there. I wore a Red Eraser sweatshirt and someone threw up on the Spider ride. Not sure why I remember those two things so vividly.

  3. Stacey1:46 PM

    Check them out during the week in the summer and they have days that are buy one get one wristbands with your Safeway or Fred Meyer card. They also have days where food is buy one get one. GFlad you guys enjoyed Oaks, definately gotta try roller skating there when she gets older.

  4. this park looks like so much fun! i wish we had stuff like that around here, aside from the giant amusement parks that cost $$$$ to visit.