Monday, April 09, 2012

Pinteractive: Pens & Eggs

This week I tried a couple quick Pinterest-inspired projects. When we dyed Easter eggs Saturday night, I wrapped a rubber band around one of the soon-to-be-blue eggs. I can't find the original pin, of course, so it was probably a drive-by inspiration I saw while perusing Pinterest at some point.

Sadly, I only had an industrial rubber band, so I knew it wouldn't come out as cool as if I'd used a standard rubber band, which I didn't have on hand. The result reminded me of Earth as seen from outerspace. I like it.

Rubber band egg 

The other Pinterest-inspired trick I started using this week was this pin to keep track of particular items in the wash. 

Here's a gander at mine. 
Riveting, no?

It's actually a really useful trick. In my case, the "SBs" are for the four sports bras in that load. I like to air dry them in an attempt to prolong their lives. This reminds me to take them out before loading the rest of the wash into the dryer. I also use it for some of Em's dresses I don't like to dry (some of her boutique dresses and those from Gymboree, etc.). Dryer's remorse is so annoying. Although I'm the main launderer in our house, it could also come in handy when I ask Brent to help me out with loads I've already started. 

Alright, your turn! Grab the code, add it to your post, and add your post to the link-up below! 



  1. I'm not even going to tell you how many times I had to read the title. :-/

  2. I have some of those pens (the boys use them with their dry erase boards). I would use them if I thought Greg would ever do the laundry. ;-)

  3. Love the dry erase pen tips ... we use them to leave messages on the mirror for each other, but that's another great idea. Though I am not sure it would work on the surface of our washer - think it might be plastic!

  4. The pen idea is brilliant!

  5. love the pen idea.