Friday, May 04, 2012

Friday Five: Hello Kitty corner

Like many gals, I have a special place in my heart for Hello Kitty. Em seems to have inherited my love for that cat, which makes our shopping adventures together even more fun. I always have a shopping buddy willing to hit up the Sanrio store, even if I spend most of my time repeating, "Don't touch that. No, don't touch that. Put it back."

Today's Friday Five features some Hello Kitty items I've been eyeing recently.

1. iPhone case

There are so many adorable HK cases to choose from. I just can't decide!

2. Jeweled earbuds

As if these weren't cute enough on their own, they went and added some bling. I think I may need these for the gym.

3. Bath wrap

When it eventually gets too warm to comfortably sport my plush bath robe, I think this bath wrap would be a nice alternative.

4. Hoodie

Looks like there are just a few of these left, which makes it all the more tempting!

5. Skull tee

I love the all the colors and the Mexican folk art theme.

I'm even more tempted to splurge on those last, too. has offered me and my readers a 10% coupon code. Use WELOVEDEALS10 for the discount.

Hello Kitty forever!  


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