Wednesday, May 16, 2012



Oh, Pinteractive.

Here's my big confession -- I haven't been on Pinterest much at all these days. I'm a Google Chrome girl, and Pinterest has been giving me trouble on that browser, requiring me to use Firefox. That's so 2010, folks.

Also? Pinterest is rife with spammers. I'll click on pins only to receive virus warnings or be taken to a spam site.  I've even re-pinned some of those myself, only to realize it after the fact.

As this relates to my weekly Pinteractive projects, I find myself scrambling Sundays, or worse, on Mondays, to find and complete a pin. There have been some Pinteractive fails that I haven't shared here because they were just disastrous. And not because the projects were faulty in and of themselves -- I was just in a rush to get anything done to share here.

Pair that with the lack of inspiration -- or pinsperation, heh -- and Pinteractive has started to become a chore.

I've really appreciated all of you who've followed through and shared your projects on your blogs and here with me. I'm not totally throwing in the towel yet, though. I'll include the link-up on this post, just in case, even though I'm a couple days behind schedule. I've been thinking about whether to continue this little brainchild, and I'll continue to think about it throughout the rest of this week and over this weekend.

We'll see what happens come next Monday.



  1. Hey, I can totally relate to this. I honestly felt like I was on a school deadline the first time I did the pinteractive post. Just because I wasn't used to blogging anymore, and I didn't have an easy time with using tumblr. Now that I'm kinda in the swing of things again, it would be a lot easier.

    Maybe you could do a monthly link-up instead of weekly? Things get hectic for people, so once a week might be too much. I'm definitely down to do it again!

  2. I was going to suggest the once-a-month idea too. I like doing it and trying new things and have even found some good ideas from other pinteractive folks. So I love that you are doing this and don't want you to stop. I say keep doing it, but give yourself a little break.

  3. I don't think you should give up, I think it's a great idea that can be really big!

  4. I would love to continue - things have just been a bit hectic! I did finally get around to doing a post last week but never got back to link up (sheesh! - travel makes me crazy). I have noticed the influx of crap on Pinterest which is frustrating. It isn't as much fun to browse "all" anymore but collecting things from other pinners and organizing my own links is still great.