Thursday, July 12, 2012

Birthday recap

This was an unforgettable birthday. Between congrats for our big announcement and all the birthday wishes, I was overwhelmed with the love in our lives.

My day started off with my big present - a sweet MacBook Air.


I've never owned a Mac before, so it was like landing in a foreign country. I've already grown accustomed to it that when I went to my old laptop yesterday I tried Mac keystrokes by accident.

I treated myself with a stroll through Target, where I picked up these lovelies.

Sally Hansen polish strips on clearance! And Zingers, a rare but favorite junk food indulgence!

I lazed around at home. I tried to watch a video tutorial for new Mac users, but the British narrator was like a British Morgan Freeman, so I was ready for a nap after 20 minutes of his soothing voice. Well, his voice and this little nugget I'm growing contributed to my need to nap. 

That evening we braved a slightly upscale Italian restaurant with Em in a nearby 'hood. One thing we adore about Portland is how family-friendly it is. There are even kid-friendly beer gardens! Em did a great job at the restaurant and loved feasting on pizza and gelato.

When we left the restaurant, though, Em got a little feisty and tried to run off while I was holding her hand. In the process she dislocated her elbow -- something that's happened a couple times before. We considered trying to fix it ourselves with info from Dr. Google about how to fix nursemaids elbow, but there was conflicting advice about whether we should do it or let a doctor do it. So off to the ER we went. 

Thankfully we didn't have to wait too long before being seen by the staff. The doc came in, assured us it was a very common injury for kids 4 and under as their muscles and bones haven't fully developed, and then offered to show us ways to fix it ourselves should it happen again. That's what we were hoping for, so we gladly took him up on the offer. He showed us two options, and then used one on Em's arm, which easily popped it back into place. Literally TWO minutes later, she was just fine. 


The Tinkerbell stickers they gave her probably helped, too. 

As strange as it sounds, having to spend my birthday evening in the ER wasn't as bad as it sounds. We were there for about an hour, from start to finish. Everyone was super nice -- the receptionist, the triage nurse, the insurance gal, the nurse and the doctor. As it happens, it's the hospital where I'll be delivering this next kiddo, so I'm hoping the pleasant atmosphere carries through to the labor and delivery ward. 


  1. The atmosphere does go through to L&D :-) I had the BEST experience there.

    Glad your birthday was fab!

    1. Awesome! Love hearing that!

  2. sounds like a fabulous birthday (minus the ER trip!) and yay for entering the macworld, it's a beautiful place :)

  3. I really want to try those nail polish strips. They seem so fun!

    And I think I would be traumatized if AM's elbow popped out of place. I get really squeamish about that sort of thing - but I'm glad to read that it isn't terribly serious and that you now know how to fix it.

  4. Welcome to the Mac World!

  5. A VERY belated congratulations on the pregnancy! I'm very happy for you.

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