Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Bump Watch 2012: 21 Weeks

One of these days I'll actually do my hair for these pics, I promise!

Today marks 21 weeks, which blows mah mind. More than halfway there! The shirt I'm sporting above is part of the Em pregnancy collection. I'm happy to report that for the most part, the maternity wardrobe will still work just fine and isn't totally dated.

While we had our elective ultrasound a few weeks ago, today we had our official anatomy scan at my midwife's office. Mimi is still a "she," which I was only slightly worried about, especially since I already have a nice little stash of girlie clothes for her and have already picked out a nursery color scheme. 

Our pics from today's scans will be sent to a radiologist for an advanced look, but the ultrasound tech was pretty confident that everything is looking good. The blood screen results from my last appointment were great, so our chances for birth defects seem slim. 

Sweet Mimi looking sweet

I've recently started having some minor pelvic pain, similar to what happened to me late in my pregnancy with Em. My midwife thinks it's probably symphysis pubis dysfunction, which is about as exciting as it sounds, and I'm hoping it doesn't get much worse. It's just a little annoying at this point.

But otherwise, I'm feeling good and blessed!


  1. Looking good, mama! And, girlfriend, did I have the WORST pelvic pain with Charlotte! I even did physical therapy in the pool, but nothing helped except getting the kid out! I hope it doesn't get that bad for you.


  2. You look great! I read the link you had posted on FB about the pelvic pain. It sounds painful! I totally understand why moms sometimes like to guilt their children with their "pregnancy woes" (my mom did it to me all the time). This pregnancy is kicking my ass (lots of heartburn, sciatica, etc.).

    Btw - I love the name MiMi. I know that isn't her real name but I'm hoping that it might be. :-)

  3. She's so cute- already!! I can not wait to see her (or at least photos of her) when she gets here. Sorry to hear about your pelvic pain (never thought I'd tell anyone that!) and hope it remains just an annoyance and doesn't get any worse. Talking about nursery schemes makes me want to get into the boys' rooms and do something...