Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Bump Watch 2012: 24 Weeks


This week is a quickie self-portrait as Em and I were literally running out the door to the airport for a trip to Central California to visit family and friends. (We're here now, and Em was a peach the entire flight down. Woo hoo!)

The latest big pregnancy milestone was Em placing her hand on my belly and feeling Mimi give her a big kick. Em's eyes got big, and she exclaimed, "Hey! That's my SISTER!"

I can't begin to explain how excited I am to see my girls together. Em has become even more obsessed with her baby dolls. When you tell her that one of them is crying, she snuggles them, pats their back, bounces them slightly and says, "Shhh....." She places them in their cribs, covers them with a blanket -- usually one of my dish towels -- and then chastises me and Brent for being too loud while her baby tries to sleep. This mama is going to have one great little helper.

Mimi is moving a ton. She's big enough that I can often feel her movement in two parts of my belly, like far right and far left, or down low and up high. I imagine her doing spread-eagle jumps in there. She was moving a ton tonight, and my mom was able to feel a lot of kicks, which was quite exciting for both of us.

The baby officially started with her hiccups, which are creepy yet reassuring. I'd like to think her lungs are developing as hoped.

My lungs, however, are taking a hit since she's taking all sorts of room now. My asthma has increased, and I get short of breath often. Not enough to get worried about -- just enough to be annoying.

We're still discussing names, and for a while Em had a clear favorite from our options, refusing to accept anything else. She's since become more flexible, chiming in while Brent and I discuss it. "That one's good....That's a nice name...I like that...." or choosing one when we debate between two.

I'm sure this will be a memorable pregnancy week as I'll be spending it with so many great friends and family who have yet to see me really pregnant!


  1. I felt hiccups for the first time last week. Weird! And I also my baby in two parts of my belly - usually top right and bottom left. I imagine him or her stretching out in there.

    You look great, as usual!

  2. aw you look so cute! hope you & em have a great trip.

  3. awesome awesome awesome...i must congratulate u on this blog mam...
    seeing you n ur blogs make me really xcited...even i wanna c my belly growing like dat :P