Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Bump Watch 2012: 26 Weeks


One of my pregnancy update newsletters noted that our baby gal is now two pounds. That may explain why I've been able to literally feel her amongst my belly -- as in, I know I'm pressing my belly and feeling some part of her body. Exactly what part, I'm not sure. But I know it's her and not just my growing uterus.

I can also feel her scraping my belly as she shifts positions, which is surreal.

Today I saw that my belly shape was distorted more to the right side because of the way she was laying. I rubbed my belly a bit and watched it morph back into a rounder shape. Fuh-reaky, but cool!

This evening Em again asked when her baby sister would arrive, and I explained that we had to wait for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and then she'd be here a little while after that. "But what about Valentine's Day?" With my February 5th due date, I assured her that Mimi would be here before then. I don't know how much Em really grasps the concept of a calendar and holidays, but she seems placated with how I explained the timing tonight.

I haven't mentioned Brent much in these updates, but I assure you that he's excited about the pregnancy and Mimi's arrival. As cautious as I am with what I do and don't do while pregnant, he can be even more protective, like worrying that I might get too cold walking in the community Halloween parade last weekend, reminding me to take my vitamins, not letting me carry laundry down the stairs. He's the cutest, and I can hardly wait to see him cuddle with our next little squishy newborn.


  1. Aww love the update!!you look amazing!! that is so sweet about your hubby! mine was that way too and while it is sometimes annoying I appreciate how much he cares

  2. Karen6:58 AM

    My boyfriend is very protective as this is my first pregnancy. He holds my hand when we walk down the stairs, he does all the lifting, he does the cleaning. He loves to cook so every week he makes me lots of vegetable dishes to get the right nutrients. He just came back from Spain to visit his 3 month old niece. He loved bathing her and kissing her. The first thing he said to me is "We are going to have so much fun with our baby". So sweet.

  3. Still looking fabulous!

  4. It's so weird to watch a baby move inside your belly. I try to picture that there is an actual human being in there and I usually can't grasp it. But the visible movements help!

    You're looking fab by the way.

  5. You look ridiculously good, and your pregnancy hair has me totes jells.

  6. Looking good, lady! Love the stripes. I need more maternity shirts that fall like that, the tight around the belly ones are scaring me at the moment!

  7. What a cute bump! Found you through the PNW Meetup linky. Looking forward to meeting you at the event!