Thursday, November 08, 2012

AMAA - Ask Me Almost Anything

Pregnant blogger is pregnant...and tired.

So tonight's the night I whip out the good ol' question and answer post.

AMAA -- Ask Me (Almost) Anything.

If you're wondering anything about me, my life, my pregnancy, my life as a mom, my life as a wife, my life as a blogger, my life as a Portlander, now's the time to ask.

I make no guarantees that I'll answer everything because there is a line to be drawn (internet privacy, yada, yada, yada), but take a shot.

Depending on the quantity and nature of the questions, I'll either answer them via replies in the comment section itself or I'll include them in an upcoming post. I'm also considering a vlog (video blog post), so maybe I'll address them there.

Oh! And feel free to leave questions for Em. I've been wanting to do a Q&A vlog with her, if I can get her to sit still long enough to participate.



  1. Ask Em what she wants to be when she grows up? I love listening to kids her age think through that.

  2. Jessica V.3:00 PM

    I'd love to hear Em's thoughts on becoming a big sister. Also - what are your fave places in Portland to eat, play, shop, wander, etc.? Lastly - is the PNW a permanent home...what do you think after a year of being there?


  3. Anonymous7:28 PM

    When you lived in LA what was your favorite place to go with EM? Besides the obvious kid traps.:)

  4. Did you plan to have the four year gap between your kiddos? Mine are three years apart (the twins are four and the baby is one now) and I find the spacing works okay, but baby #3 was a surprise and I just wonder what inspires other families to have siblings closer of further apart.
    Also, can I just say that having moved to rural Alaska from Vancouver, Washington a year ago, I am TOTALLY jealous of you and Em at Burgerville?!? Oh, how I miss their cheeseburgers!