Saturday, November 17, 2012

An FYI for Mimi

Listening for her sister 

I was going to save this little tidbit for my next Bump Watch, but it was just too sweet not to share tonight. After Em placed her head on my belly (above) to listen for Mimi, she placed her hands on my stomach.


Then she said, sweetly:

Hey, sister! Mommy and Daddy are going to take such good care of you, like they did when I was a baby! They'll feed you and change your diapers, and I'll share my toys. 

I can hardly wait to see our girls together. 


  1. Well if the picture made me teary, this made me sob. Such a sweet moment. She's going to be such a good sister!!

  2.'re crying. xo

  3. I mean stop it with this cuteness.

    But don't. Because really, Em & Mimi together will be the best.

  4. Holy crap - can Em teach a "how to be the best future sibling" class? My heart just melted.