Wednesday, November 14, 2012

And She Shows 'Em, Pearly White

Because I have a less than stellar dental history, I had always planned to get Em to the dentist not long after all her teeth came in. (Some even recommend taking kiddos younger before that.) Despite my best intentions, we didn't actually get around to her first-ever dental appointment until yesterday.

I wanted to make it as least traumatic as possible, so I sought out a very kid-friendly practice, not like the family practice I grew up going to, with the creepy clown murals on the exam room walls. I'm not even afraid of clowns, but they were scary enough for the bravest of souls. 

We've been reading this Elmo book to her for a long time, so she had a basic understanding of what would happen. And for the past few weeks after each brushing and flossing, we'd practice her saying "ahhh" and letting me "count" her teeth like a dentist would, which she thought was quite fun. 

Yesterday morning we arrived at her appointment, and she was excited to see the kid-friendly lobby. She particularly loved the Nemo-like fish in the tank. 


The dentist came out, introduced herself and ran through Em's medical and dental history. Then we all went back for her exam and cleaning. 

Em was hesitant to sit up on the chair, but it only took a little coaxing to talk her into hopping up and laying back. The dentist and staff were as friendly as one would expect at a kid-friendly practice. Em liked the sunglasses to keep the bright light out of her eye, and she enjoyed picking out a new toothbrush.

The dentist did a visual exam, and Em cooperated like a champ. Her only issue was during the cleaning, when the assistant asked her to close her mouth around the suction straw -- she was not a fan after experiencing that, despite being fine with its general suction, but they were able to finish the cleaning.


The dentist wanted to take some x-rays of her front teeth, just to get a better look at what was going on between them. She said that they'd attempt to get pics of her side teeth, too, but it all depended on Em's mood. 

I made Brent accompany Em to the x-ray room, being that x-rays aren't a good idea for pregnant women. She had no issue sporting the heavy bib or dealing with those annoying x-ray film strips, so they were able to get all the x-rays they'd hoped for. 


Dentist      Dentist
She joined us back in the exam room, and I wish I'd captured a picture of Em's face as she watched the assistant pull up the x-rays onto the computer screen. It might as well have been her favorite episode of Yo Gabba Gabba -- she was almost giddy in anticipation. Later when we asked her what her favorite part of the visit was, she said, "Taking pictures of my teeth!"

After kudos from the dentist for taking great care of Em's teeth, Em was given a clean bill of dental health -- no cavities! We just have to pay special attention to flossing well between her molars, which isn't hard to do because Em is a freak who loves when we floss. 

They rewarded Em with a balloon and a token to choose a toy from their lobby toy vending machines. 

She's already excited about her next dental check-up, which is exactly what we were hoping for. 

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  1. that is amazing! I can't believe Em did so well (and honestly, can't believe you can get her to floss). How did you start her on this good dental care routine?

    We really struggle with getting AM to "brush" her teeth.