Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Bump Watch 2012: 29 Weeks

[insert adorable bump picture here]

On Tuesdays or Wednesdays, at the lastest, I try to put a little more effort into my hair, make-up and ensemble -- all in the name of my weekly Bump Watch. I was adorable today, you guys. I had a morning appointment with my midwife, so it was a planned two-for-one pay-off in the grooming department. Nice for her, nice for my blog. 

The appointment was great, but then we got a little derailed with Em's first time sent home early from daycare/preschool due to illness. We are beyond blessed that she's rarely ever sick. She's only had one noticeable stomach issue before today, last month when my mom might've stuffed her with a little too much string cheese and other goodies from Grandma's. Not sure if that necessarily counts. Anyhow, Em had an unfortunate episode at school, and I'm currently trying to come up with ways to apologize to the poor teacher who was on the receiving end of said episode.  Em's been on the brink, if ya catch my drift, at home, but hasn't done anything more than sleep, refuse most foods/drinks and insist on more of her fav shows/movies. But I got sidetracked watching over her today, forgot about my weekly bump picture and didn't realize it until after I changed into pjs. 

Hence, no pic. 

Brent has been a saint, insisting that I limit my contact with Em because the last thing we need in addition to a wonky-stomached kid in the house is a wonky-stomached pregnant lady in the house. 

Thankfully tomorrow's plans are just to lay low at home instead of traveling. We were considering a nice dinner out, but now we're going to nosh on a few Trader Joe's Thanksgiving dishes instead. 

In pregnancy news, I'm now on the every-two-weeks appointment schedule. I passed my gestational diabetes test (a result of 108, well below my midwife's 135 cut-off for the 3-hour test), but the blood samples also showed that I'm a wee bit anemic so we've added iron to my vitamin regimen. Could be much worse, of course. 

I thought I had some other relatively interesting pregnancy updates for you, but my mind is a bit derailed. It could be the sick kiddo or it could be my pregnancy brain not-so-hard at work. 


  1. I'm sorry Em was sick today! I too am having a Trader Joe's/Whole Foods Thanksgiving! xoxo

  2. Poor Em. Hope she's feeling better soon. As for you, I'll just imagine you in my head - you look great!