Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Bump Watch 2012: 30 Weeks

30 weeks

Thirty weeks, folks! While I've been in the 3rd trimester for a couple weeks now, hitting 30 weeks is a bit wild to me because that means out of the 40 typical weeks of pregnancy, I'm 3/4ths of the way there! It's just another fun way to look at numbers and think about how the time has passed.

I've cut back my number of weekly Zumba classes, mainly because thanks to my SPD, I spend the night after a class feeling like I got kicked in the pelvis. I've been trying to make it once or twice a week, and I'm about to try to pick up a Nia class, which is like tai chi meets yoga meets something else low-impact and good for a pregnant body. We'll see how much I can fit in before we move in a few weeks.

I'm feeling behind on the baby gear we need to pick up before Mimi gets here, but I'm excited about the diaper bag I ordered a few months ago. I about lost my mind when I saw that my fav diaper bag line (and former client), Ju-Ju-Be, partnered with tokidoki, one of my fav handbag lines. I decided on this bag (in the black/white/blue combo). Whenever I get compliments on my tokidoki handbags, I tell them about the diaper bag I'm excited to use, and people tend to get giddy on my behalf because really, it's such a cute line.

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  1. That bag is so cute! I went with the free, gently used diaper bag my sister gave me. It's fine, but yours is so much cuter!

    You're super adorable too, by the way.