Friday, November 02, 2012

Friday Five: My Fav Parenting Commercials

Last night I peeked in on Em after she'd fallen asleep and was overcome with an even bigger rush of "Dangit, I can't believe how much I love this kid."

Then I went back to my couch potato-ing and saw this ad for the first time:

I've watched it half a dozen times since then and cry every. single. time. It's probably a combo of pregnancy hormones, the softie I've become since becoming a mom, and the fact that our own Em arrived on an October Sunday, as well as my looking forward to starting on this parenting journey all over again.

There are a few ads that tug at my parenting heart strings, so allow me to present them to you for your crying viewing pleasure.

This P&G "hardest job" ad makes me teary just hearing the music.

Aside from being jealous of the teen daughter's hair, I get all weepy thinking about our own Em driving off on her own for the first time.

This Google ad is probably high on everyone else's lists of favorite parenting commercials. It's just that good.

This one reaches me as a parent AND as a daughter who has lost a parent. I warned Brent about the ad and he refuses to watch it for fear of his own parenting emotions. (It only took me a few viewings of this ad to realize that I wasn't missing my own Google Chat notifications, by the way.)

Feel free to share any of your favs!


  1. *SOBBING*

    I have never seen that Google Ad before (the first Google Ad you posted and now I am crying. Thanks a lot, Nanette!

    Seriously, I saw that Carters ad for the first time the other night and it made me CRY, too! It could be hormones for me, too, though. They are still adjusting.


  2. I have only seen the second Google Chrome one and the driving one and they both make me cry (not the driving one quite so much) so I'm going to skip watching the rest because I can already see where this is headed! Rob saw the Google one first and was like, "Come here, you have to see this commercial!" What was he thinking? I sobbed all the way through it and was like, "Why did you make me watch that? It's the saddest commercial ever!" As for things that make us cry, it will be a great day when I can finally make it through Toy Story 3 (we watch it all the time) without shedding a tear. Every time Andy packs up his room and drives off for college and plays with his toys one last time, I lose it. I can only imagine what a mess I will be when that day actually gets here- or maybe I'm just getting it out now so when my boys leave I can keep it together a little bit!

  3. Never saw the Carter's ad before... omg teary eyed! The Google Ads get me every time. love them

  4. All those ads KILL me, too. Especially that damn Chrome one with the daughter and the dad. From the first time I saw it, and the "Wish mom was here," I lost it and continue to every time. (Sometimes I just have to change the channel, it's too much.)

    In response to Shelby, I cry at TS3 every time, too. And the beginning of Up. Dang, Pixar.

  5. I'd never seen the Carter's ad nor the 1st google chrome ad and both of them made me cry. Ugh. Pregnancy hormones are OOC!!!