Monday, November 12, 2012

Oh, Canada

Yesterday Em started talking about moving to Canada. We've never mentioned moving to or visiting Canada.

As she's pulling toys out of her room and packing them in bags to take to Canada, she's telling me all about what we have to look forward to upon arrival.

There's a rainbow store where they sell rainbows, naturally. It's also filled with Halloween decorations.

Canada has a lot of pandas.

When I asked her what kind of clothing we should pack for Canada, she said, "You wear sparkles. I'll wear Hello Kitty stuff."

And after we go to Canada, we'll go to a pajama party, she claims.

Then she got a bit frantic.

"We better hurry before it's dark. The Canada show is about to start!"

She invited me to come sit with her and her toys.

She declared, "This is Canada!"

Her version of "Canada"

I think we need to work on our geography a little more.


  1. That is so so funny. I'll have to remember to pack my sparkles next time I go to Canada. And I will bring you back a rainbow as a souvenir ;-)

  2. haha, she is too cute. love her little canada.