Thursday, November 01, 2012

Super Em

A couple of months ago I received a costume catalog in the mail, and Em became enthralled instantly. She poured over it again and again, eventually asserting that she would like to dress up as Super Girl for Halloween. The catalog included the typical blue/red combo, but when I went to order it online a few weeks later, I saw the pink option and gave Em a choice.


She went with pink, obviously.

The costume came with pink shoe covers that mimicked tall boots, but as it happens, I had just ordered those boots above for Em's shoe collection. They were more durable and coordinated perfectly. 

Oh, Mimi and I had a "costume" of our own, too.
My Halloween "costume"

Em got a lot of use out of her costume. She wore it to a neighborhood costume parade over the weekend, although it was hidden beneath her raincoat and our umbrellas, thanks to pouring rain. She didn't care, though. 

She wore it to her preschool party yesterday morning, and then to Brent's giant Halloween office party yesterday afternoon. 
After a short car nap, she was ready to hit our 'hood for candy.

I spent the week wringing my hands over the forecast, which claimed a 70% chance of rain during the peak trick-or-treating hours. We live around the corner from one of Portland's most popular Halloween destinations, so it's especially spirited. Miraculously, it didn't rain 95% of the time we were out. And when it started pouring, we were all armed with raincoats and an umbrella, which up until that point I had started to feel silly about toting around the 'hood.

Em did a great job navigating to the front doors, knocking when necessary (most homeowners literally just stand at the front door to keep up with the steady stream of kids), saying the requisite "trick or treat," followed by "thank you."


She really loves this holiday and would've been happy to do more than the 1.75 miles we did. (I'm a dork and mapped our route today, wondering how much "exercise" I got in yesterday.)


It was late when we got home, but she was still eager to sort through her haul.


We had a lot of fun, and then I realized that next year we'd not only have a 5-year-old on our hands, but an almost 9-month-old, too. Wowza!

By the way, this kicks off NaBloPoMo -- National Blog Posting Month -- so you can expect a blog post every day from me this month. This is my sixth year participating!


  1. She looks awesome and that video is just too cute. Glad Em had a great time trick or treating :) Love your costume too btw!

  2. Loved the video. She's just perfect.

  3. So cute! Love the video.

  4. Hawaiian Peanuts! Love it.

    I wish we lived in a better trick or treating neighborhood as we didn't get many kids, though we did have one very convincing Katniss Everdeen.

  5. You're both so darn cute!

  6. Super cute costume for Em!!! I too wore the skeleton + baby skeleton costume to work, all of my students got it, but only a handful of the other teachers got it... sigh.

  7. How adorable is her costume. It always cracks me up seeing kids asleep in their car seats.. because they never look comfortable but they are so knocked out. lol

  8. Em is adorable. :)