Wednesday, November 07, 2012

The Artiste & Author

Brent and I should probably be embarrassed by how giddy we get when Em's drawing, writing and reading advances -- but apparently not embarrassed enough to keep me from sharing them here with you!


She's particularly into drawing these days. In fact, just this morning as I tried to get her out the door to preschool, she got upset that I wouldn't stop to let her "draw something real quick, Mommy!"

Last night she whipped up this scene, with Brent as the king and she and I as princesses.


Here's a close-up of Brent as king (the CROWN!), and me locked in the tower.


As Em becomes more literate, she latches onto certain words. Her latest is "book." I helped her spell it out once, and the next thing we knew she had written her own series.


My favorite drawing inside one of the "books" was the story of Em, a sad hula girl who didn't want to dance anymore because she lost her dog. 


Quite the tearjerker, folks. 

*You're welcome in advance


  1. aw that is too cute. she's is quite the budding author/artist! :)