Sunday, November 25, 2012

Weekend Recap: I Mustache You a Question, But I'll Shave It for Later

Ah, a lovely long weekend comes to a close.

Minus the part where Em got sick (she was back to normal the next day), we had a laid back and silly time. 
All her idea
"Mommy, let's have mustaches. Daddy, take a picture!"

Don't break the ice
Don't break the ice.

Gorgeous sugar cookies
We used our two American Express cards to support Small Business Saturday, where they credit your statement $25 for each qualifying card used at small businesses. We had breakfast at our new favorite spot, and we took home these fancy sugar cookies from its bakery. The ninja was mine. The owl was Em's. 

Daddy's dinnertime doodles
We used our second card for a delicious dinner at Screen Door, where Brent whipped out this little doodle of him and Em. 

Refreshing my knitting skills.
I took a beginner's knitting class this morning at a sweet yarn shop to refresh my skills. I forgot what I learned back in 2006, and I've been itching to pick it up again. I would love to work up to making sweet little hats for Em and Mimi, which the knitting teacher said is a great next step once you've mastered the basic techniques. 

I wish the Wavy Hair Fairy would visit ME at night. #jealousmom

It was a brisk fall day but we stepped out to enjoy a bit of the sunshine. I may have also enjoyed fawning over Em's waves, which gets even prettier in the wet Portland weather. She and I were playing with a tape measure yesterday and I measured her hair -- it's 20" long! It's getting close to dangerous bathroom territory, so we'll be heading back to the stylist soon. We'll see how much I'm willing to part with this time.

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  1. Anonymous7:56 AM

    yup, somebody needs a haircut! i think she'd look cute with short(er) hair.