Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Bump Watch 2012: 32 Weeks

No pic this week because it's Moving Central around here and I'm a hot mess, visually. Maybe a little mentally, too, but definitely visually.

That hasn't stopped the comments from strangers, though. And I mean in a good way, like the sweet Salvation Army bell ringer who made a big "C"-shaped motion with his hand over his own belly and said, "Congratulations!" Or the packing guy today who excitedly asked if we were having a boy or a girl.

It's never wise to assume a girl is pregnant. That was always my biggest fear when I wasn't pregnant. Gah, the potential embarrassment for everyone! However, when a gal IS actually present, or maybe I'm just speaking on my own behalf, it's fun to be noticed and confirm, no, it's not just pudge, it's a BABY IN THERE!

And it's the baby in there that's causing me a wee bit o' back pain and threats of swelling in my ankles. This is about when the infamous cankles started with Em's pregnancy, which I'd loooove to avoid this time around. One can dream.

On the doctor front, I think I've found a new one. I stressed over prioritizing/ranking all the wonderful recommendations from my LA friends, and finally decided who I wanted to go with. Once my inquiries to their offices about their availability to take on new patients and if they accepted our insurance began, I quickly discovered it wasn't going to be an easy switch. Doctors apparently don't like pregnancies as far as long as I am, reportedly because they don't make as much money as they do with a start-to-finish pregnancy. Three of the four docs I called wouldn't take me because I'm too far along, and the fourth one accepted my insurance but was the only one in her practice of four who would. I had no idea how'd that work if she weren't available when I actually delivered.

So I reached out to a very highly regarded doc in my circle of friends, but who might only deliver at the not-so-convenient hospital where I had Em. She WILL take me on, she accepts my insurance, and another friend said there's a rumor she's about to start delivering at one of the other hospitals I like, not that that matters at this point, really. I'm waiting to confirm my first appointment, but otherwise I think we'll be good. That's a sweet relief and one less stressful thing I can take off my to-do list.

The movers are coming tomorrow to pick up all of our stuff, which was packed today. After Em's done at preschool for the day (and there forever, sniff), we're going to begin our roadtrip down to Los Angeles, stopping along the way to see friends and family in Northern California. Hard to believe that we'll be back in Los Angeles by early next week! And there are only eight weeks left until Mimi's due date!



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  3. Safe travels! I hope you have a fun trip down to LA and that resettling goes smoothly. :-)

  4. I hear a lot of women don't like the you're-obviously-pregnant comments, but as someone who doesn't get them often, I love when I do! Yesterday a stranger took one look at me and said, "When is the baby due?" I was giddy in my reply! I think even if I was getting "you're HUGE" comments I'd be like, Hell yeah I'm huge, I'm having a baby and it's awesome! But who knows...

    Good luck with moving!