Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Then vs Now

At the risk of starting a lifetime of comparisons between our eventual two children, I thought I'd take a look at how this pregnancy has stacked up to Em's.

- It's eased up a bit, but I still get hit with extreme exhaustion quite often. Hopefully it'll lessen during the second trimester like last time.
- Intense cravings for pre-sliced apples from Trader Joe's. I go through a few bags a week. That was one of my biggest cravings with Em.
- I'm way more thirsty than I was pre-pregnancy, but water doesn't sound good. I'm all about flavored drinks, like sparkling lemonade.

- Holy cow, the nausea. I was one of those insanely lucky women who never had a moment of nausea with Em's pregnancy. This time, though? Ick. It's gotten better as the weeks have gone on, but I still get hit with waves of queasiness. For a while I kept a stack of crackers next to the bed for the middle of the night and first thing in the morning. The queasiness would hit me like I was starving, but then I'd take two bites of something and feel stuffed.
- I don't think I had a hard time sleeping with Em's pregnancy, or maybe I've just blocked it out. This time I've had a difficult time falling and staying asleep. The lovely Rhi was sweet enough to loan me her Boppy pregnancy pillow after I sent her a desperate email. "I can't sleep! I borrowed a Snoogle for my last pregnancy. Do you have something similar? HELP!" And she came to the rescue! The pillow has helped quite a bit, but I still have a hard time. I'm hoping this gets better come second trimester, too.
- Last time I completely lost my notorious sweet tooth, except for the pre-sliced apples mentioned above. That hasn't been the case this time at all. I have a stash of Trader Joe's treats at all times.
- I'm feeling much more hormonal this time. I bawled at the ending of Tangled, which I've seen more times than I can count. And on the last day of Em's preschool director -- not even her teacher, mind you -- I started crying as we said our good-byes. It was too early to tell her that it was the pregnancy hormones, not my just being a basketcase, and I'm a little mortified thinking that's the last impression she has of me. Whatevs.
- The baby is only two inches long at this point, but you'd think I was halfway through my pregnancy by the look of my gut. It's all bloat, but wow. My midwife confirmed that she's never had a second-time mom complain that she feels smaller with subsequent pregnancies. The uterus doesn't grow any faster than it does with first pregnancies, but there must be something going on with the other organs -- or at least the bloat production.
- With my first pregnancy I was awful about working out. I think I did a couple prenatal yoga classes, but that was it. This time I'm continuing my Zumba obsession 3-5 times a week, with my doc's blessing. I'm dialing back my intensity a bit and paying attention to the "talk test" -- as long as I can talk through my workouts, I'm not overdoing it.
- Probably the biggest difference? I haven't been able to keep this pregnancy to myself! Although the "experts" say that the risk of miscarriage goes down to 5% once you hear the heartbeat at 8+ weeks, we waited until 12 weeks to tell the masses about Em's pregnancy. This time, though, we told our parents before our first appointment, and then our closest friends and family, and then the masses last week, although I'm not quite 12 weeks yet. Still knocking on all the wood that this continues to be a smooth pregnancy!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Tressed Out

It's no secret that I'm obsessed with Em's hair. As it's gotten longer and longer, it's become more evident that the curly ends are temporary and she's destined to be a straight-hair gal. I've attempted to hold onto those curls by postponing her first haircut, but it was finally time.

Combing out the ends had become a chore, filled with tangles, and I even saw a few split ends, so we made an appointment at a kids' haircut place last weekend. We showed Em the photo gallery on the salon's website, and she was literally squealing with excitement.

We arrived early, which was fine as it gave her a chance to enjoy the abundance of toys.


Then it was her turn to meet her stylist and choose a fun car to sit in during her cut. She also chose to watch WALL-E while the gal did her magic, although it was over in about 15 minutes so she didn't catch to much. It was still a nice distraction for her, though. 

I told the stylist that while I'd be sad to lose the curls, I wanted her to trim enough to keep her tresses healthy. She took a couple inches off, and we still have the curls. Huzzah! 

So all in all we came away with no trauma. Em absolutely enjoyed the experience, and I've got my baby girl's first haircut over and done with, no worse for wear. 

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Birthday recap

This was an unforgettable birthday. Between congrats for our big announcement and all the birthday wishes, I was overwhelmed with the love in our lives.

My day started off with my big present - a sweet MacBook Air.


I've never owned a Mac before, so it was like landing in a foreign country. I've already grown accustomed to it that when I went to my old laptop yesterday I tried Mac keystrokes by accident.

I treated myself with a stroll through Target, where I picked up these lovelies.

Sally Hansen polish strips on clearance! And Zingers, a rare but favorite junk food indulgence!

I lazed around at home. I tried to watch a video tutorial for new Mac users, but the British narrator was like a British Morgan Freeman, so I was ready for a nap after 20 minutes of his soothing voice. Well, his voice and this little nugget I'm growing contributed to my need to nap. 

That evening we braved a slightly upscale Italian restaurant with Em in a nearby 'hood. One thing we adore about Portland is how family-friendly it is. There are even kid-friendly beer gardens! Em did a great job at the restaurant and loved feasting on pizza and gelato.

When we left the restaurant, though, Em got a little feisty and tried to run off while I was holding her hand. In the process she dislocated her elbow -- something that's happened a couple times before. We considered trying to fix it ourselves with info from Dr. Google about how to fix nursemaids elbow, but there was conflicting advice about whether we should do it or let a doctor do it. So off to the ER we went. 

Thankfully we didn't have to wait too long before being seen by the staff. The doc came in, assured us it was a very common injury for kids 4 and under as their muscles and bones haven't fully developed, and then offered to show us ways to fix it ourselves should it happen again. That's what we were hoping for, so we gladly took him up on the offer. He showed us two options, and then used one on Em's arm, which easily popped it back into place. Literally TWO minutes later, she was just fine. 


The Tinkerbell stickers they gave her probably helped, too. 

As strange as it sounds, having to spend my birthday evening in the ER wasn't as bad as it sounds. We were there for about an hour, from start to finish. Everyone was super nice -- the receptionist, the triage nurse, the insurance gal, the nurse and the doctor. As it happens, it's the hospital where I'll be delivering this next kiddo, so I'm hoping the pleasant atmosphere carries through to the labor and delivery ward. 

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Today is my 35th birthday...

...which technically makes me advanced maternal age, but these ol' eggs have some life left in them.


My big present is scheduled to arrive Feb. 5, 2013. 

After Em offered to give me "the biggest smile EVER" for a few photos, she asked to do "the biggest sad face EVER." 

Don't worry-- she's really, really excited about a new baby. She's been talking about a non-existent sibling for about a year now.

Then she said, "Let's do a mustache like Grandpa!"


As I'm 10 weeks, it's still a *little* early, but we're hopeful that this will be a happy and healthy pregnancy, and we're excited to share it with all of you.

Thursday, July 05, 2012

Wordless{ish} Wednesday

My creation

Portland's "summer" (aka 70-80-degree sunshine-filled days) arrived on July 4th, just like all the locals told me it would. I welcomed summer with a head cold, which has not been fun, but I tried not to let it keep me from celebrating yesterday.

Tuesday was Em's preschool's party, so she wore that sweet little blue dress above. Topped with a sweater, she sported a romper I bought with the 4th in mind for our neighborhood's big bike parade. We asked Em if she wanted to participate in the parade on her own bike or just watch, and she opted for the latter.

Caramelized onion dip from Trader Joe's? Amazing. That is all.

Magic Maze from above. Magic Maze from the ground level.

We had our last indoor soccer class for a while. Em has asked to take dance again, so we'll be re-enrolling in ballet soon.

It was cowboy/cowgirl day at her school last week. Yee haw!

And another sweet pic, just 'cuz.