Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Bump Watch 2012: 26 Weeks


One of my pregnancy update newsletters noted that our baby gal is now two pounds. That may explain why I've been able to literally feel her amongst my belly -- as in, I know I'm pressing my belly and feeling some part of her body. Exactly what part, I'm not sure. But I know it's her and not just my growing uterus.

I can also feel her scraping my belly as she shifts positions, which is surreal.

Today I saw that my belly shape was distorted more to the right side because of the way she was laying. I rubbed my belly a bit and watched it morph back into a rounder shape. Fuh-reaky, but cool!

This evening Em again asked when her baby sister would arrive, and I explained that we had to wait for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and then she'd be here a little while after that. "But what about Valentine's Day?" With my February 5th due date, I assured her that Mimi would be here before then. I don't know how much Em really grasps the concept of a calendar and holidays, but she seems placated with how I explained the timing tonight.

I haven't mentioned Brent much in these updates, but I assure you that he's excited about the pregnancy and Mimi's arrival. As cautious as I am with what I do and don't do while pregnant, he can be even more protective, like worrying that I might get too cold walking in the community Halloween parade last weekend, reminding me to take my vitamins, not letting me carry laundry down the stairs. He's the cutest, and I can hardly wait to see him cuddle with our next little squishy newborn.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Down South

Mid-last week Em and I flew down to California. Part of it was to see my best friend, Shelby, and her family during their vacation there.

We started our trip in Central California, with my mom and also with Shelby and family.

The last time Em and I saw them was mid-2010. My, how they've grown!



Shelby's niece was also there. It was so fun to see all these 4-year-olds play together, particularly since their mamas all grew up together. Don't the three of them look like they could be part of a triplet set? (GAH! Three times the cuteness, three times the trouble!)

Last time we saw Shelby, she was about to give birth to her second son, not pictured below since he was napping. This time she got to see me in all my 25-week pregnancy glory. 
Me and Nanette and some of our kids

Timing for this trip worked out well, although it was booked last-minute. In addition to seeing my best friend, Em and I went to see my grandfather, my dad's dad, whom we call Pop-Pop. A few months ago I got word that he wasn't doing so well and that he's opted out of dialysis for his failing kidneys for quality of life, which at 82-years-old does make some sense. His prognosis a few months ago was that he had about six months left, making our trip down to see him on the Central Coast all the more important. 

Em met my Pop-Pop once before, a couple years ago. This time, though, she was much more interactive. They played together and he was thrilled to see her imagination in action. 

Em & my Pop-Pop

He said that she reminded him of me so much at that age, and he complimented me numerous times on my parenting skills and how he could tell I was a good mom. He was an important part of my life growing up, so his approval means the world to me. 

I was really emotional when I first heard his health news, and I was worried that I wouldn't be able to hold it together during this visit, especially with raging pregnancy hormones. (He was able to feel Mimi's kicks, by the way, which we all loved.) But I did ok. Despite his health woes, he's so lively and it was just too hard to fathom that it could be the last time I see him. 

I don't like imagining a world without my Pop-Pop. 


Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Bump Watch 2012: 24 Weeks


This week is a quickie self-portrait as Em and I were literally running out the door to the airport for a trip to Central California to visit family and friends. (We're here now, and Em was a peach the entire flight down. Woo hoo!)

The latest big pregnancy milestone was Em placing her hand on my belly and feeling Mimi give her a big kick. Em's eyes got big, and she exclaimed, "Hey! That's my SISTER!"

I can't begin to explain how excited I am to see my girls together. Em has become even more obsessed with her baby dolls. When you tell her that one of them is crying, she snuggles them, pats their back, bounces them slightly and says, "Shhh....." She places them in their cribs, covers them with a blanket -- usually one of my dish towels -- and then chastises me and Brent for being too loud while her baby tries to sleep. This mama is going to have one great little helper.

Mimi is moving a ton. She's big enough that I can often feel her movement in two parts of my belly, like far right and far left, or down low and up high. I imagine her doing spread-eagle jumps in there. She was moving a ton tonight, and my mom was able to feel a lot of kicks, which was quite exciting for both of us.

The baby officially started with her hiccups, which are creepy yet reassuring. I'd like to think her lungs are developing as hoped.

My lungs, however, are taking a hit since she's taking all sorts of room now. My asthma has increased, and I get short of breath often. Not enough to get worried about -- just enough to be annoying.

We're still discussing names, and for a while Em had a clear favorite from our options, refusing to accept anything else. She's since become more flexible, chiming in while Brent and I discuss it. "That one's good....That's a nice name...I like that...." or choosing one when we debate between two.

I'm sure this will be a memorable pregnancy week as I'll be spending it with so many great friends and family who have yet to see me really pregnant!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Our Quotable Kid

Our friends got us this great journal to record all the funny quips Em throws our way. It's currently somewhere in our office/guest room, so until I unearth it, I've been collecting her quotes in a blog draft that I'm finally sharing with you. 

First, I'd like to think that Em has a fairly impressive vocabulary. However, she does regularly confuse words, and it's so cute that I can't bring myself to correct her. 

She thinks catalogs are magazines, but she calls them "magnets." 

Sprinkles on cupcakes are "sprinklers."

A menu is called a "men-you-m."

And Jack-O-Lanterns are "Jacquelines." 


While watching the Olympics. (See? I told you I've been holding onto this list for a while.) 

"Mommy, I like these sports. They're girls!"


Brent and I said something about China. 

"China? That's the lost city of gold!"


Sometimes we play a game where we take turns telling "secrets." Brent whispered, "You're the best Em ever." She replied, "That's not a secret."

During one of her epic bedtime stalling episodes, she popped out of her room to tell us, "Never surprise a skunk."


We took four weeks of swim lessons over the summer. One of her sessions included our first encounter with a boy who had Em's unisex name. He was a handfull, not listening to the teacher and constantly swimming off on his own. Our Em once noted, "Boy Em makes bad choices!"


On mealtime manners. "Mommy, we don't talk with our mouths full. See my mouth? It's not moving!"


"That's cray-cray!"


After reading a bedtime story about eating healthy and exercising. 
"Daddy, what does 'trim' mean?"
"It means to be in good shape."
"Like a diamond...a triangle....a circle..?"

"Give me a beat!"

"A what? "
"So I can dance, Daddy!"

"This water is fresh cold, like shave ice!"


As I'm leading one of our dance parties. "Mommy, let's pretend we're in Zumba and I'm a Mommy!" 

"Em, what do you want to be when you grow up?"
"A singer! Or a guitar singer! Or an opera singer! But I need a guitar and a microphone!"

To me and Brent, as if it's a privilege. "Who wants to get me a glass of milk? Raise your hand! Eenie, meanie, miney, mo..." 


Sunday, October 07, 2012


At Em's request, we celebrated her 4th birthday with a Bubble Guppies party. For those of you not in "the know," it's a Nick Jr. cartoon about a group of preschool mermaids/mermen.

The bulk of the decor came from Nick Jr.'s party printables online - party hats, add-ons for party blowers, a birthday banner, hanging decor, a pin-the-tail-on-Molly (a character from the show), a photo poster for the guests, and a table centerpiece.




Each guest is going to get a copy of their photo tucked in Em's thank-you note to them. 

I picked up this Little Mermaid tutu kit from Joann's, which fit the theme/color scheme perfectly.

Post-party celebrating

Girlfriend couldn't WAIT for her friends to arrive. She kept chanting, "Let's get this party STARTED!" while running around the house and squealing in delight.


I ran with the under-the-sea theme. Thanks to Pinterest, I was inspired to create a shark fruit bowl.

An octopus in hummus.

And these bears on a jello island.
Bears on the beach

The guests arrived -- eight of her preschool gals pals and one of our fav Portland baby girls -- and the squealing commenced. They ran through the house, tossed balloons, played with Em's toys, and snacked on the goodies.

I wrangled them for Pin-The-Tail-On-Molly, and it was hilarious to see so many of them pull their blindfolds down before sticking the tail. Cutest cheaters ever.




I ordered a custom edible photo frosting sheet from Etsy and took it to a local bakery. It was a hit, especially with the birthday girl.
Bubble Guppies cake

As promised, we rallied all the gals and burned off the sugar with a dance party to Em's favorite song, "I Like To Move It" from the movie, Madagasacar. Apparently it's a big hit amongst all her classmates. Then we sent them on their way with adorable and delicious sugar cookies from Jenny.

Em has a blast with her friends, and we were so glad to have them here to celebrate.

Friday, October 05, 2012

Birthday Baby

Today our sweet little girl turns four.

This year has had its ups and downs in toddlerland, but overall, we love this age so. very. much.

She's silly.



She's thoughtful.
Multnomah Falls

She's lovable.

Ta da!

We get to experience the world through her eyes.
Ready for Finding Nemo in 3d

Littlest shopper

And she's ours -- all ours.

"Mommy, I want to get cozy on the couch with you!" Who am I to argue?

We're so excited to see what this year brings for her, although we couldn't be any prouder.
Practicing her smile for picture day today

Happy birthday, Em.

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Bump Watch 2012: 22 Weeks

22weeks (and 1 day) 
 Technically 22 weeks and 1 day, but, ya know. 

This was a big pregnancy week -- Brent FINALLY felt a real kick! And I've lost count of how many times I've watched my belly jump from her kicks. We've reached the stage of the pregnancy where it's not uncommon to find me reclined, staring at my bare belly. 

I've been busy prepping for Em's birthday this Friday and birthday party this Saturday. Her birthday is October 5, and Mimi's due date is February 5. It hit me that her arrival is four months away, which seems like both forever from now and ZOMG, SO SOON! SO MUCH TO DO! I feel like my belly is already gigantic and have a hard time imagining how much more large and in charge I'll be in four months. 

We're still not close to a real name for her, although I made the mistake of running a few of our contenders by Em recently and she's chosen a clear favorite, shunning all other options. I'm hoping she forgets her preference before Mimi's arrival.