Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Bump Watch 2013: 35 Weeks


35 weeks, folks! 

And how 'bout a quick look back at how far we've come?


Since Em arrived two weeks early, the docs I've seen during this pregnancy agree that Mimi will likely arrive the same time or perhaps earlier. (Although I've been told not to get irate if I end up making it to 39-40+ weeks after all.) My 40-week due date is February 5, but I'll hit 38 weeks on January 22, so that's the date I have in my head as "must finish ALL THE THINGS!"

We are getting settled in our new rental home, which we ADORE, and we're working on organizing things for Mimi's arrival. We bought a dresser to serve as a changing table, too, and went with the same one we bought for Em -- the IKEA Hemnes 3-drawer dresser, if you're curious. Em had fun helping Brent assemble it.

Assembling the dresser/changing table

I've decided on a slight theme for Mimi's room and have ordered a couple things accordingly. I'll "reveal" it all here once things get a bit more done in there.

I also ordered a new changing pad (Em's was trashed after 2+ years of heavy use), some more refills for our Diaper Genie (diaper pail, for the uninitiated), and the very popular Rock 'N Play, which wasn't around when Em was born. Moms everywhere seem to swear by it and its magic capabilities to keep babies asleep, so I'm excited to put it to good use.

Because Em's infant seat will expire soon -- car seats have expiration dates, again, for the uninitiated -- we picked up a new one of those. And because this is our last kiddo, I got to choose the pinkest, girliest one I could find. It's a fun little perk amongst our sea of gender-neutral gear I chose for Em.

I'm experiencing the typical 3rd trimester exhaustion. Thankfully Brent's new office has been closed for the holidays between Christmas and New Year's, so he's been working like crazy to get us all unpacked and settled before he returns to work. Timing worked out perfectly in that regard, and he's earned his sainthood twice over for it.

He also was sure that Santa brought me the one thing I asked for: a prenatal massage from my favorite LA spa. After waking up with a sore back this morning, I decided to redeem it this evening. It was heaven.

I've been thinking a lot about Mimi, and I'm over the moon excited to meet her. I wonder if she and Em will be one of those sets of siblings who look NOTHING alike or one of those sets who look just like twins but years apart. Genetics are crazy, so who knows? I feel more laid back about her arrival, having lived through life with a newborn once already, but I wonder if she'll get here and it'll be back to life as a "GAH! What do we do NOW with this tiny human who won't stop yelling at us?!" Not to mention that we just can't be always 100% focused on her since we also have a wonderful 4-year-old in the mix.

We haven't decided on a name, although we do have a couple frontrunners and a middle name that I love and think works well with both of our top two names. Brent's mom has this amazing and extensive family tree in their dining room, and I took a look over Christmas to see if there was anything we should consider. Nothing stuck for us, although we had a good laugh over a female ancestor named Direxa. I can't even imagine...

My pregnancy workouts have slowed to a halt since our move. The nearest location for the gym I was a member of in Portland isn't convenient, so I cancelled my membership. It's still valid through the end of January and I contemplated making the trek so I could attend a Zumba class or two. Then I remembered it's the beginning of a new year, which means it'll be a zoo. Thanks, but no thanks. I'll need to bust out some of the prenatal yoga DVDs I have and hopefully attend a local class with another pregnant pal of mine who goes to a studio she loves.

Less than 35 days left!


  1. OOOH please remind me to tell you about my favorite FAVORITE pre/post-natal physical therapy/massage/yoga place. You moved right by its main branch. I miss them SO MUCH.

  2. You're on top of things, especially for fitting a major relocation in there!

  3. My daughter is exactly one week younger than Em and I have a 3 month old little girl (who was born one day short of sharing a birthday with her sister), so I love reading your blog because I can really relate. Just wanted to add my 2 cents that the rock and play lived up to the hype for us. We didn't have one the first time around and everyone said they were great for this time. Maybe this little girl is just a better sleeper overall, but we love our rock and play. My girls may as well be twins separated by 4 years and 1 day, it will be interesting to see if Em and Mimi look at all alike. Good luck with your new addition!

  4. AHHH!!! I can't believe you are getting so close! You look amazing. And I remember thinking/wondering the very same thing when I was pregnant with Reese...actually just last night I was thinking about that post and thought about doing an "answers to all my questions" response-type post to it. The name will hit you when you see her, and it will be perfect for her. xoxo

  5. You're so close!!! Thinking of you and hoping for a beautiful, happy, healthy baby soon! :) Can't wait to hear the name. Isn't the 2nd one hard to come up with!? Boy did I struggle with that! :)