Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Bump Watch 2013: 36 Weeks

(Ignore the strange lighting. We had some issues tonight, and this was the best.)

This week shall forever be dubbed THE WEEK I SUDDENLY FELT HUGE!

I feel like a penguin as I move from Point A to Point B. Waddle, waddle, waddle. 

Em keeps scolding me when I attempt to help her out of the car or into shopping carts. "Mommy! You're not supposed to lift me -- your big belly, remember?!"

If I lean the least bit forward, and sometimes when I'm sitting up perfectly straight, I'll get sudden foot jabs in my ribs.

Baby girl has a tendency to kick me in the cervix, which is not a pleasant feeling to the lady bits, I assure you. It mostly happens when I'm walking, and sometimes when I bend down to reach something.

Today Em was distracted as I read her a story. She was too busy watching my belly jump. 
Watching my belly jump as I read her a story #latergram

I often make a similar face myself while watching Mimi move.

Loving her doll-sized @mobywrap & excited to wear it while Mommy wears her baby sis in hers.
In my nursery prep, I unearthed this doll carrier -- a tiny version of the popular Moby wrap -- that I'd received when Em was too young to use it. She was quite excited to put it on and is looking forward to wearing hers when I wear mine with her sister. 

The nursery is still coming together, and I have a million little things on my to-do list. I should pack my hospital bag soon, but in an effort to keep Em busy today, I had her help me put together these little snack baskets for my future labor & delivery and postpartum nurses as a thank-you. I'm delivering at the same hospital as last time, and the nurses were great. I always intended to go back with some sort of thank-you, but never did. I'm hoping the baskets will help duplicate that good care ju-ju we had last time. 

Made these little snack baskets to thank my (future) L&D and postpartum nurses. I have yet, however, to start packing my hospital bag. #nestingprioritiesoutofwhack

I had some more doctor drama and ended up having to switch again as it turned out it'd be much more cost-effective for us to choose a different plan with Brent's new job, one that my first replacement doctor isn't a part of. The new doc is part of the same group that delivered Em, though, and I'm sure they'll be just fine. Our first appointment with him is tomorrow.

I'm trying to relax about everything that needs to be done between now and then, particularly because it's nothing that will prevent us from taking good care of our sweet girl should she arrive early. However, my mind won't stop racing at night and it's led to some insomnia, which is a cruel joke by Mother Nature. As exhausted as I may be, I know I need to take advantage of all the sleep I can get now before it's back to a schedule of life in 3-hour increments between feedings. No rest for the weary, I suppose.

So close! 


  1. That picture of Em is the BEST.

  2. You know things are getting cramped in there when the baby is head butting your cervix while simultaneously kicking your ribs. Ouch! I now have a butt permanently in my rib cage and it hurts!

  3. Eeekk!! So close! Your daughter seems like she's going to be a great big sister!

  4. You're so close!! Em's face is in that picture (and any other time tbh) is priceless!