Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Bump Watch 2013: 38 Weeks

38 weeks (and one day)
Yesterday I hit the 38-week mark, which is the exact point in my pregnancy when Em debuted. I was strolling the aisles at Target in the afternoon, thinking, "This is when my water broke last time. Please don't....or do....or... I don't know!"

I won't lie -- the past few days have been dragging, and I'm trying to remind myself that it could be up to another THREE WEEKS before her arrival. So simmer down now, Nanette. It's strange to be running errands like each day could be my last "free" day out of the house for a while, but it could be just because we don't know when she's going to decide to arrive.

My hospital bag is packed. Em's bag for Grandma's and Grandpa's is almost done. Brent's? Well, he might be thinking about starting to try to pack. We'll see.

Mimi's car seat (and her base in Brent's car) are installed, and Em's seat has been moved from the middle to behind the driver's side. I think it's heightened Em's excitement because each time we drive anywhere she asks, "When is my sister going to get here?!"

The other day while I was setting up Mimi's room, Em came in and said she was going to play with some of her old baby toys we've relocated there. I told her sure, and as she pulled it down from the shelf, she said, "Mommy, you better ask her if it's ok." Then I suggested she ask. So she yelled at my belly, "Baby sister! I'm going to play with your toys, ok?!"

Then I died from cuteness.

In all seriousness, though, I've had some waves of guilt about how our dynamic is going to change with another kid. Brent may or may not have walked in on me having a crying fit last week, feeling guilty that Em isn't going to be the center of our everything, worrying how she's going to adjust, how I'm going to continue to make sure she knows she's loved and give her the attention she needs and deserves. And it's not just Em. I worry about balancing my attention and giving Mimi all she needs, too. Part of me knows that it's going to be just fine, but part of me still panics about it all.

Normal, right?

Despite my fits of worry, I'm feeling as ready as I can be. We're all looking forward to welcoming this little one into our family -- whenever she's ready.


  1. Gus says he likes grab an outfit right before we leave for the hospital (but I already snuck in a few of his things to the hospital bag in the meantime). The finish line is in sight though!!! So exciting :)

  2. There is NO WAY my husband packs his own stuff. When I pack my bag, I throw essentials for him in there. I always throw in a t-shirt, socks and underwear for him (he is a mechanic so he hardly wears his regular pants. They stay REALLY clean). I also buy him a travel size deodorant, because he forgets EVERYTHING. When we are heading out the door I remind him to grab his contact case and solution too. He would be lost without me, even when I am in labor.

  3. Lynn H1:25 PM

    Steve forgot to grab our labor bag (I had one for labor and one for post-delivery), which had some snacks for him, extra socks for me, our blood cord collection kit and a few other small items, but in the end, it worked out fine. Discovered the hospital had a cord blood collection kit already and the other stuff we could live without. Steve went home at some point during the day for each of the day I was in the hospital, so there was no need to pack stuff for him.

    As for the matter of making sure you divide your time equally between the girl ... it will never be perfect; but it will all even itself out and both little ladies will know how much you and Brent love them both together and individually by virtue of you guys just being the awesome parents that you are. So, don't worry about that aspect. Just concentrate on enjoying this wondrous new adventure for your family. Good luck!

  4. eeee you and Julie are so close it's so exciting! and seriously that is so cute that Em asked her sister if she could play with her toys, adorable!

    & i know you'll do wonderfully with both girls.

  5. I have the same panic attacks about loving our next baby as much as I love A. And then I have to mentally check myself because I'm obviously nowhere near having another child. I just love A to pieces. Pregnancy and postpartum hormones are super fun, right? That said, Em knows you love her to bits and I have no doubt you will do a wonderful job with both of your little ladies. Can't wait to meet Mimi!

  6. Those Em stories are so dang cute- I love that girl! You are so totally normal about your worries and trust me, it all works out. You and Brent will find ways to spend time with each of them and give them some special one-on-one time. I remember Rob having fears about loving baby #2 as much as we love Rex, but as soon as Wyatt was born he instantly did. It's kind of like magic. So you are completely normal and try to hang in there and get as much rest and Em-time as you can before life gets turned upside down but that sweet baby girl!

  7. Totally normal. You look great! I think you're as prepared as you can be and the rest will have to be dealt with as it comes up, right? As someone who likes a plan and to control outcomes, I understand the want to do that but it seems like with a kid, you kind of just have to get ready to ride the roller coaster. (Says the woman with no kids.) Thinking of you!

  8. Yes, normal. I had the same fears and since that first introduction at the hospital it really, really has been fine. I promise. It's gonna balance out. :)

    Good luck!!! You're sooooo cloooosssseeee! :)

  9. I'm so excited for you Nanette! Everything you're worrying about is completely normal, and it doesn't stop for their entire me! You're such an awesome mom, everything is going to be awesome!