Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Bump Watch 2013: 39 Weeks

 As Chandler Bing would say, could I *be* anymore pregnant? Sheesh.

All of our hospital bags packed. I had my one and only contraction, around 2 a.m. one night, and it was enough to motivate Brent to pack his bag bright and early the next morning.

Our fancy camera is charged, ready with an empty SD card.

Our house is relatively clean.

I've created an email list of all the friends and family who'll receive our first announcement. Last time I was rattling off names to Brent while recovering in my hospital bed.

My Facebook wall is partially CLOSED because as I vented on my wall last week, there's little that irks me more than someone other than the birth parents posting the first baby announcement on a Facebook wall, with tags in a status or congrats wall post or a shared photo or whatever. It sounds silly to even have to warn people not to do, but I see well-intentioned people do it to other people seemingly once a week. It's happened to numerous friends, and folks, it is NOT cool. Like I said, my wall is partially closed but only because I can't figure out how to lock it down completely. Soon, though. SOON.

I appreciate that we are blessed to have so many family and friends -- both in real life and cultivated online -- who are excited for Mimi's arrival. However, I've started responding to inquiries with this lovely URL: http://www.haveyouhadthatbabyyet.com/

I've realized that I didn't expect to make it this far in my pregnancy. Em was a week old at this point! I go back and forth from wanting to meet this little gal already to trying to relish these last moments of calm before the newborn storm. What's most frustrating, I think, is that I'm sleeping like crap. I was up nearly half a dozen times last night, if not more. If I'm going to have sleepless nights already, I might as well have the company of a newborn, right? Thankfully I'm able to nap during the day while Em is in preschool, but that probably adds to the vicious sleepless cycle.

At my appointment today, my doc seemed genuinely surprised that I hadn't delivered yet. He'll be out of town this weekend, so naturally I'm expecting to go into labor while he's away. We'll see what our little gal has planned.


  1. I'm not on Facebook (for a variety of reasons), but I hear about other people "announcing" births on Facebook via tags, comments, etc., and I just CANNOT believe people lack that kind of common sense. I know people are excited and all, but: Not Your News To Share.

    So, anyway, glad you're taking the necessary precautions. Hard to believe just a few years ago people didn't have to worry about social media and having babies, and now if you don't tweet by 8 am, everyone thinks you're in labor!

    Hope she arrives soon!

  2. Of course the baby will come when the doctor is out of town. Isn't that the way? (Or I am just thinking about the plot of Knocked Up) I hope when she does decide to arrive, it's an easy birth (do those exist?). Thinking of you!

  3. Looks like Mimi wants to be a February babe! I'm SO WITH YOU on the FB thing. My very best friend in the entire world ruined my announcement with me and I actually cried about it. MY BABY, MY NEWS.

    We're thinking of you guys over these next couple weeks and hope everything goes smoothly.


  4. Anonymous9:01 AM

    My BFF's SIL ruined her news completely. She was posting updates every hour until the baby arrived and then she snapped (a blurry overexposed) cell phone pic and posted it. A year later when SIL was getting ready to give birth, she refused to even tell anyone her due date or how far along she was because she didn't want anyone to ruin her moment of glory.

  5. So smart to turn the Facebook wall off, it totally irks me too when other people make the announcement. It's just their news to share! In any case, I'm so so excited for you guys and can't wait to see the announcement that miss Mimi has made her arrival! xo

  6. Can't wait to hear the news! So excited for you and the family!!! XOXO

  7. I was the same exact way with D's birth. When I delivered my SIL was taking pics i made it clear that either my husband or I will make the Facebook announcement. Sending you labor vibes your way. Hopefully Mimi doesn't make you wait as long as Dayton made us wait.

  8. So excited for Mimi's arrival and can't wait to hear of her arrival from YOU!