Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Bump Watch 2013: 40 Weeks

40 weeks!

TODAY is my due date.

How...how...how did we get this far?!

I mean, I know the nuts and bolts (and birds of bees) of how we got here. I just honestly thought she'd be here by now.

I'm still not sleeping well, but I'm making up for it with frequent naps. I'm also trying to enjoy my time out of the house.

Over the weekend

When I saw the trailer for Warm Bodies, the romantic comedy about a zombie and a non-zombie, starring Nicholas Hoult, I was excited but figured I'd be busy dealing with a newborn on its February 1 release date. Low and behold, no baby, so we were able to enjoy what will probably be our last date night for a while.

And I forgot to mention that at 38 weeks I took my friend Winnie up on a last-minute invite to join her in a Staples Center suite to see Lady Gaga, which was Mimi's first (and only) big in utero concert, unless you count the Fresh Beat Band. It was a lot of fun and I'm so glad I got to "take" her to a big show. I hadn't been to a concert in ages. In contrast, when I was pregnant with Em, I saw The Hives twice, as well as Foo Fighters, Gavin DeGraw, Brett Dennen, Teitur, Stone Temple Pilots, John Mayer, Jamie Cullum, Jack Johnson and Eagles of Death Metal. Wild, huh?

Everything continues to be good at our weekly check-ups. We're going to extend Mimi's lease a little longer, but her landlords are in discussions with property management on an eviction date. I'm 3 1/2 - 4 cm dilated, the baby is low, among other factors that add up to making me a "favorable" induction candidate, should it come to that.

Until then, we continue to wait.


  1. Chanting at Mimi GO GO GO GO!

  2. We are waiting Mimi!!!! Get on out of that warm comfy belly! You have a big sis and Mommy and Daddy to meet!

  3. If you want to avoid induction by Pitocin, ask your doctor about stripping your membrane first. The nurses at our hospital were going on strike the week following my due date, so my doctor asked if I wanted to have my membranes stripped, which she said could help induce labor "naturally." This way, if it worked, I could have the baby before the nurses went on strike. It sounded painful, but in reality wasn't. It was a little uncomfortable, but at this point in the pregnancy, what isn't, right? Anyway, it worked for us as I went into labor later that night. Good luck!

  4. I can't imagine what it must feel like for you to hit your due date since Em came a litltle earlier.. I went 2 days over with Lil C so I've gotten a taste of it before.. too much anticipation for the little ones to get here to appreciate the fact that our uterus' must be the Ritz Carltons of hospitality. Good for us :)

  5. Very exciting! Hang in there!
    So how was that movie, Warm Bodies? I saw the preview and rolled my eyes! :)