Sunday, April 07, 2013

2 Months

Yesterday Mimi turned 2 months old, and we celebrated with the first of our monthly photo shoots, similar to what we did with Em. We missed her first month shoot because it was her second day of her 6-day hospital stay.






Despite that little health hiccup, these past two months have been great. We've started to settle in as a family of four, and now that each of the girls is healthy enough to "hang out" together, they're loving each other's company. (More about that and how Em is adjusting to Mimi in an upcoming post.)

Mimi is sleeping like a rock star. Excuse me while I knock on all the wood. She goes to bed between 7-8 p.m. and has been staying asleep until about 5-6 a.m, feeding and then often going back down until 8:30 a.m. She's still in the Rock N Play sleeper next to our bed. We tried to transition her to a flatter, more open sleeping position in a Pack N Play, but it turns out that she moves A LOT, even all swaddled. I put her down for the night, and when Brent went to check in on her just a few minutes later, she had moved to a perpendicular position, 90 degrees from where I'd left her. Those couple of nights in the Pack N Play had regressed into more awakenings, swaddle-bursting and an overall tired baby and mama. So we're back in the Rock N Play for now and enjoying our full night's sleep for a little while longer before trying to transition her out of it again soon.

She's not a big napper during the day, but I don't mind that as long as she's sleeping well at night. She does, however, do great sleeping in her stroller while we're out and about, so that's a nice incentive for me to get out of the house. We've gone out to eat a few times, and she generally sleeps right through the whole thing or sits there quietly, absorbing the world around her. We haven't had to leave a place because of any public meltdowns...yet.

When Mimi isn't yelling at me, she's such a happy, smiley baby. She's starting to give us more reactions to silly things we do to entertain her. She's also a very alert, wide-eyed kiddo. When she's asleep, people tend to remark about her lips and lashes. (When we were in the hospital, some of the nurses called her the Angelina Jolie baby.)
Soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fur.

But then when she's awake, they comment on her HUGE eyes.
Mimi slept from 8 to 8 last night, only waking once at 3 to eat. Excuse me while I punch the air. Boo ya!

Her hair is falling out, like many newborns and like Em's did. We'll see if it comes back dark or surprises us with a much lighter second round of locks, like Em did.

She takes a pacifier sometimes, mainly when she's really upset, like in the car, but doesn't seem to need it to fall and stay asleep.

Mimi has started cooing, and she and I regularly have little "chats" back and forth, like in the video below. Note the surprise ending.*

*She tends to spit up more than Em ever did. Second baby - keeping us on our toes.

Her weight, according to our home scale, is 10 lbs., 2 ozs. She's wearing 0-3 months & 3 months clothing, and she continues to grow like a weed.


  1. aw she is just so precious!

  2. Taking a break from my crappo life right now to enjoy yours. :)
    She's looking more like her sister every day! I hope you love your new family size!!


  3. She is so cute, I can't stand it! Seriously, you and Shannon birthed some of the most beautiful little girls (and I am definitely including Em).