Tuesday, May 07, 2013

3 Months

We have an adorable 3-month-old on our hands!



It amazes me that she can simultaneously seem so much bigger than she used to be, yet still so tiny.

She makes our 4-1/2-year-old seem GIANT in comparison. 

She's still sleeping great at night, although we have yet to transition her out of the Rock N Play bassinet or out of our room. Soon enough, I'm sure. And I've been getting better naps out of her at home, mainly because I've been swaddling her and recreating bedtime conditions instead of hoping she'll just sleep in the living room with the TV on, etc. I've also remembered the magic trick that worked best when I tried to get Em to nap better -- right around 90 minutes after she wakes up from her previous nap, she's usually ready to be put back down, except for her morning nap. She's been ready for that about an hour after she's up for the day. This will change as she gets older, I'm sure, but it's nice to have a rare sense of control for a while.

Brent was out of town for nearly a week in April for work, so my mom came down to help me manage the girls. She lent a much needed hand and they all loved each other's company.

Mimi and I have been keeping busy. We go to Monday Mommy Movies, where they keep the lights up, the sound a little lower, and crying babies are welcome. Those are often followed by lunch with our mom/baby friends. We've been attending Weight Watchers -- for me, not her. Her girlish figure is perfection. We're about to try out some Gymboree classes. We take lots of walks around our neighborhood, which we chose, in part, for its walkability and curb appeal. (It's really cute and suburban and a bit of an LA hidden gem.) She's now old enough for our gym's daycare, so I can try to get back into a Zumba groove, which I miss a lot. 


Mimi is growing more chatty each day. Here's another example of one of our conversations:

Looking forward to what this next month brings! 


  1. I want to eat her! She's too delicious for words!

  2. That lower lip!!! Kill me now. . .