Friday, July 12, 2013

5 Months

Mimi turned 5 months old last week, and she just gets better with age.


We're getting more and more glimpses of her personality each day. She's still full of smiles and more giggles. The other day a woman was fawning over her at the mall, and Mimi pulled her paci from her mouth to flash her a big gummy smile.


She continues to roll from back to belly like a champ. And she shifts her position so quickly after we set her down. I fear we may have a mobile baby sooner rather than later.


Her hair appears to have stopped falling out. Unlike her big sister, whose dark newborn hair fell out and came in much fairer, Mimi's might stay dark for the long haul. It'll be interesting to see how she changes as she grows. We look back at photos from even just a couple weeks ago and can't believe how much she's already changed.

I'm hesitant to say anything about her sleep so as not to jinx anything, but I will just say that the authors of the Sleep Easy Solution are brilliant. The program worked with Em at 7 months, and it seems to be working for Mimi at 5. Now I'll slowly back away from saying anything more so as not to anger the sleep gods who've been good to us.



5 months

1. With Daddy, 2. Sweet napper, 3. Loving her jumperoo, 4. Orange you lovely?, 5. Gnawing on Mommy, 6. GASP!, 7. Baby selfie, 8. MOnday Mommy Movie, 9. Trying out her high chair, 10. Bedtime stories, 11. Oh hai, 12. DJ Mimi, 13. First fireworks, 14. July 4th, 15. Beary cute, 16. Water baby