Friday, November 08, 2013

6/7/8/9 Months

I may officially be the worst mom blogger EVER.

Mimi's last monthly update was at 5 months, which I'm sad to say was more than 4 months ago.

For shame, for shame.

I haven't been completely lagging, though. We did manage to keep up with most of the monthly photos.

Six months 


 Seven months 



(We missed her 8-month pics. DOH!) But here are her slightly belated 9 month pics!


This is currently her favorite face to make.


Mimi continues to keep us on our toes. 

In the past few months, she's:
  • Eaten lots of solid foods. We started with baby oatmeal, and then moved onto avocado. She's since gobbled up lots of different fruits and veggies. Sweet peas did a number on her belly, and she made hilariously sour faces the first time she had bananas, but otherwise she's loved it all. 
  • Started pulling herself to a stand, cruising along toys and furniture, and even letting go to try to balance herself. 
  • Become an official crawler. It takes no time for her to crawl the span of our large living room. 
  • Working on her first teeth. They haven't popped through yet, but I can see and feel the poor girl's swollen gums. And like Em, it appears as though she won't be an easy teether. She's been crankier than usual and chewing on anything she can get her mouth on. 
  • Waving "hello" and "bye-bye," and even more adorably, she often does it unprompted. 
  • Chatting up a storm and sometimes copying us when we say "bye-bye" with her own "buh, buh." When she's cranky, she says, "ma-ma-ma-ma." I doubt it's officially "mama," as in referring to me, but I still have fun responding, "Yes?" when she says it.
We're still working on some sleep issues, thanks to traveling, teething and just general "hey, I'm a baby, after all" stuff. However, we're still having so much fun with our baby girl. And watching her and Em together? There's nothing better.

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