Wednesday, November 20, 2013


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This will be our third year celebrating Hanukkah with Em. Because we also celebrate Christmas, which tends to be filled with lots of toys, we've designated Hanukkah as our book-filled holiday.

Each night after she and Brent light the candles on the menorah, she's given a book.

This year Em will receive:

I picked this up at Em's recent school book fair. Brent and I joked, "Who knew the Count was Jewish?" 

We're big fans of the "Llama Llama" series, so I was quick to pick this one up at the book fair, too. 

As eight books can add up, we tend to choose a boxed set that we pull one from each night, and then add a few other books accordingly. This year she'll get this series, recently recommended by our friend whose daughter is just a few months older than Em. These are chapter books, sort of the next step after picture books. 

Mimi is obviously too young to be into the holiday, but she'll get a few books, too.

I love these "Indestructible" baby books. Mimi has a few already, and they're made of indestructible paper, hence the name. They can't tear. They don't warp when a baby gnaws and drools all over them, and they're light enough to shove in a diaper bag to distract them on the go. 

I'm intrigued by these baby books with a playful look at the classics. We'll start with the Alice in Wonderland above. 

We buy books year-round for our bookworm, but I enjoy this time of year and family tradition as Em experiences Brent's cultural contributions.

Do any of you have special Hanukkah traditions, related to gifts or otherwise? 

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  1. love the idea of giving her so many books. hurray books! hurray Hanukkah!