Sunday, November 17, 2013

Currently...linking up

I've been eyeing Ot & Et's "Currently" weekly blog link-up for a while, and this seems like the perfect week to join in the fun.

This week's themes include:

Wishing that my house would just clean and organize itself.

Typing and deleting and typing again. This blogging-every-day thing is not easy when you're out of practice.

Moving stuff around to babyproof for a mobile Mimi. In a sea of things she's allowed to play with, she continues to find the one thing she's not. And now that she can pull up to a stand and cruise along furniture, the stakes have gotten higher -- literally. She can reach higher and higher.

Thinking that I'm excited to see the new Hunger Games movie. I should probably dig out the book and reread it in preparation.

Laughing along with Mimi. She's extra giggly these days. Everything cracks her up, and in turn, we find ourselves giggling along with her.  


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