Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Em's Golden Birthday

"Five" feels like a milestone birthday in and of itself, but as it turns out, Em's fifth birthday was her golden birthday as she turned five on October 5th.

She awoke to a room filled with balloons for maybe the fourth year now. Then she opened a few birthday presents, including an upgraded doll stroller as she had grown too tall to push it comfortably. 


We also got her the Little Mermaid DVD, which we've had on heavy rotation ever since. Nearly 40 days with *that* soundtrack stuck in your head is about as fun as it sounds, by the way. But she and I do both enjoy belting out "Part of that World."

Then we headed out to soccer, where she scored two birthday goals. Since she didn't have a birthday party this year, we used the opportunity to share some goodies with her team -- fruit snacks and Hello Kitty temporary tattoos. 


Since it was her special day, we had her favorite lunch -- broccoli and beef from Panda Express -- and roamed her favorite shops at the mall.

I also enlisted her help to choose a small cake from a nearby bakery, and we took the decadent chocolate cake with us to her favorite sushi restaurant, where the owner and her favorite sushi chef, Bruce, spoiled her with some free sushi and other Japanese treats. The sushi joint is the first place we ever braved eating out with both our girls as squishy newborns, and it's since grown to be Em's most-requested eatery.

I snapped a few pics of the birthday girl before bedtime. 


I couldn't get a great pic of the girls together, but for posterity, here's a pic I took of Mimi that evening. 

We spent the rest of her birthday weekend at the Long Beach Aquarium, followed by dinner at my in-laws'. 



When she was a wee five months old, I wondered about life when she'd turn five years old. And seemingly just like that, BAM. It's here. She's such a sweet girl, and I love her spirit. We regularly catch each other's eyes and break into big ol' grins, without a single word. She has an amazing imagination, tells elaborate stories, and creates wondrous illustrations. 

Her heart is as big as can be, and she often puts others' needs before her own. She works hard to make us proud. Em is truly an exceptional big sister, and she's more than anything we could've ever hoped for in a child. 

We count our blessings each day for the person she is and the person she's destined to become. 

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  1. well if this isn't the most precious ever. can't believe that little lady is five years old already. i love her plethora of facial expressions, such a little ham. ha