Sunday, November 10, 2013

Sleep Sincerity

The other night Em discovered the age-old tradition of kids pretending to fall asleep in the car so they can be carried inside the house upon arrival.

Brent and I were in on her little ruse, but we went along with it because we both have fond memories of doing the same things as kids ourselves, and it was her first time trying to pull it off.

Brent carried her in, and I helped him get her into her pajamas. She did a pretty good job staying "asleep," although she forgot to let her legs stay as dead weight as we pried off her shoes, as well as a few other obvious clues that she was, in fact, still awake.

While Brent finished putting our fake-sleeping Em into bed and under the covers, I got our real-sleeping Mimi down for the night. Shortly after he left Em's room, she emerged in her doorway, clearly wide awake.

She told Brent she was sorry for tricking us, and that she hadn't really been asleep.

Brent assured her it was fine, with a laugh, and ushered her back to bed.

When I came in to give her good-night kisses, she apologized profusely to me. "Mommy, I really didn't mean to play a trick on you and Daddy. I was awake. I'm soooo sorry."

Even in the dark I could see her chin quiver as she was close to tears and clearly racked with guilt, despite my giggling and telling her we really didn't mind, that every kid does it, Mommy and Daddy both did it, and that she shouldn't feel bad.

We've done all we can since then to convince her that it was harmless, but we can tell she's still feeling a little guilty for, in her mind, not telling her parents the truth.

We think it's adorable, particularly since we know that at some point in her life, she's going to try to get away with something trickier that we won't find so hilarious.


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