Monday, November 18, 2013

Swap It Out

A few months ago my friend invited me to a Facebook page, a virtual swap meet of sorts, where locals post items to sell. This particular page is mainly moms, and most of the items are baby items, toys and clothes. Other types items are posted, too, but the majority are kid-related.

It's similar to Craigslist, but because most people use their full names, tend to sell things regularly with no reported issues, it feels more personal and less sketchy. 

I've sold my fair share of items on the board, and I've had GREAT luck finding bargains for myself. 

Nearly all of Mimi's toys that weren't handed down from Em were purchased on the swap board. 

Here's a lot, but not all, of what I've scored:

And I didn't pay more than 40% retail for any of it!

This adorable dress that Mimi wore today was a mere $2.
Afternoon nap  #latergram

Stuff like baby toys and gear isn't used for very long, so it's especially nice to find great deals on like-new items.

If you're interested in finding one in your area, search on Facebook for your city/neighborhood name, along with words like "swap" or "sale." Or ask your local Facebook friends, because chances are they might! 

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  1. That first picture looks like Abbie's toy pile. She specifically has the activity table and the push toy next to it...however, this mommy paid full price for the push toy. :( UGH. I need me a swap group STAT! And $2 for that precious dress?!? SIGN ME UP!