Saturday, November 02, 2013

Tressed Out

For those of you who may not be aware, when most women get pregnant, hormones cause their hair to stop falling out for the duration of the pregnancy. It's a nice perk not having to deal with so many stray hairs around the house for those 40 weeks.

Cut to a couple months after you have the baby, though, and your hormones kick into overdrive (or underdrive -- I don't know the exact science behind it), and ALL the hair you weren't losing while pregnant decides to come out seemingly at once! Ok, maybe not all at once, but when you find yourselves with fistfuls of hair, all over your house, your clothes, your new baby, it certainly feels like it's all at once.


Those lost hairs start to grow out, and if you're anything like me, you're left dealing with these awful, short baby hairs sticking out all over the place while they grow long enough to weight themselves down.


I feel like these were just getting back under control from having Em when I got knocked up with Mimi. And as my friends with even older kids like to remind me, they still deal with them on the regular.

The chia pet look was getting me down, so I decided to try something a little different and funky from my usual style.

These were my inspiration pics:

My hair has a bit of a wave to it, so I wanted something I could wash-n-wear wavy or blow dry to style straight. I love my hairdresser, and after talking it over, we came up with something similar for me.

And this is the final outcome!
Feeling like a rockstar with my haircut from the lovely @virgo750

Excuse me while I go take some bass guitar lessons and start my own all-girl band.



    You look AMAZING!

    Rosanna killed it!

    OMGOMGOMG. I love it!

  2. Your hair looks great!
    I'm 8 months post baby and I've REALLY got to get my hair under control. SO much fell out! It has stopped now, but I've got all those nice flyaways! Fun! :S

  3. Anonymous8:13 AM

    LOVE IT!!!! I went through the same problem after both of my babies and resorted to side-swept long bangs to weigh the little fly-away suckers down.

  4. I know I told you this on twitter but I seriously LOVE it...such a fun look for you!

  5. it looks super cute!

  6. I totally remember this stage and it DRIVING ME MAD. You look awesome and I'm pretty jealous, honestly. ;)

  7. You look great. Moms Rock!