Monday, November 04, 2013

Watching Over

The girls and I joined Brent on a recent business trip. While I stepped out for a much-needed break, he happened to capture this video that I love so much.


I love that it's a moment between two sisters, when neither of them realized they were being observed. Em is a doting, helpful older sister, while Mimi is the most adoring little sibling who welcomes any encounter with her idol.

It's not easy to hear, but I love how Em assures Mimi that she's got her, that she's ok. Mimi falls, and Em is right there to help her get back on her feet. And Em can't help but to give her snuggles.

These are the type of moments I never want to end. I know they can't be so perfect to one another forever, but times like this I wish I could pause and truly soak up.


  1. That is so, so sweet!!!

  2. Awhhhh, SO SWEET. Ro is still getting used to his new role as a big brother, and every now and again, I see similar moments between the two of them. This weekend a friend came over with her baby girl, who is just a week younger than Milo, and the two of them were "playing." The baby girl kept trying to grab at Milo's face, and whoa, look out! Ro was so worried she was going to hurt him! And then that night at dinner, he got really upset at the prospect of Milo gagging on a cracker. He was fine, but it showed me that he really DOES care about his little bro. I just hope he'll always look out for him like that.

  3. This is just precious! Sisters are awesome!

  4. That is definitely the best thing on the Internet right now! So sweet.