Saturday, June 22, 2013

Catching up with Em

Here's the latest and greatest with our original sweet girl, Em.

As her hair got longer and longer, it got more and more challenging to manage. I'd occasionally ask if she wanted to keep it long or go for something shorter. She started talking about getting it cut "short like Mommy," and with summer approaching, we made the plunge. As we talked about how short to go with the hairstylist, she mentioned that we were close to the 8" required to donate it. I asked Em if she wanted to donate it to sick kids who didn't have any hair, and she wholeheartedly agreed. (I later realized that they don't necessarily take kids' hair to make wigs for other kids. It can go to sick adults, too.)

Eight inches later...




It's so much easier to manage now. As much as I was attached to her gorgeous hair, when it comes down to it, it's just hair. It grows back. It doesn't define her. And we all get a moment of perspective as we're not the ones battling cancer, like the recipients via Pantene's Beautiful Lengths.


Em was recently named Student of the Month for her preschool class. Her teacher's speech from the assembly was included in their monthly newsletter.
Em shows an interest in a wide range of things; asks intelligent questions and uses vocabulary effectively. She is not afraid to take a risk; is dependable; can take charge of a group; and influences others to work towards desirable goals. Em has the makings of a great leader. She stands out in a crowd for something positive she has done through words and examples. 
Brent and I are so proud.


We loved her school's Mother's and Father's Day celebrations.

Celebrating Mother's Day at Em's school!



Even though she'll be there through the summer, she "graduated" preschool this week.


They rehearsed for weeks to put on quite the celebration, complete with two songs and an elaborate Chinese dance in the spirit of their weekly Chinese lessons. Em led the pledge of allegiance, and she received an award for academic. She looked adorable in her little cap and gown.

Here she is with her teacher.



We're in kindergarten limbo at the moment. Because of her Oct. 5 birthday and the new cut-off date of Oct. 1 for fall, she's supposed to attend a transitional kindergarten program -- sort of a step between a pre-k class like she's been in and a traditional kindergarten. She's likely ready for a traditional kindergarten -- she's already reading and doing a bit of writing, and she's surprised us by how take-charge (aka a little bossy) she is in a group of kids. However, I think I'd rather have her take that extra year of preparation and avoid being the youngest in all her classes. And based on my discussions with our potential schools, kids in a transitional kindergarten who show enough signs of readiness for first grade could, with proper approval, can move onto the first grade. We're on the waitlist for a transitional/traditional kindergarten mix at a nearby school, but if that doesn't work out, she'll be placed in the traditional kindergarten at our assigned school. We'll see what happens.

Crazy, lovable kid.


Friday, June 07, 2013

4 Months

Yesterday sweet Mimi hit the 4-month mark.


She's a delightful little baby who lights up our life. 


This face! I can hardly stand it!


And these two together? It's almost more than I can bear.

(Oh, yeah. Em got a BIG haircut. More on that in another post.)

We transitioned Mimi to the crib this month, and my hopes for continued rock star sleeper status were dashed. She wakes up at least twice a night, sometimes more, and on some nights it's been half a dozen times. I'm hoping it'll get better soon, but babies are nothing if not unpredictable, so who knows?

This month she surprised us all and started rolling over. The first couple of days that's all she wanted to do -- roll from back to belly, and occasionally over to her back again. She stopped trying for a few weeks, but the past few days she's been at it again. She's not doing it in her crib yet, but mainly because we have her suited up in a Baby Merlin's Magic Sleep Suit since swaddles no longer contain her.

She's a drooling fool and regularly sports bibs. She loves to nibble on her hands.

Mimi is following Em's footsteps and got an "agent." In fact, she did her first gig a few weeks ago, with another couple potentially in the works! You may be seeing her sweet face promoting a major baby brand in about 6 months when the products come to market.

Mimi is in size 2 diapers and is starting to fit into her 6 month clothes. I can't help but feel a little nostalgic each time I set aside the outgrown clothes, some of which were Em's, never to be sported by one of our sweet girls again.


So cliche, but time? It just moves so quickly.