Ever wondered about the life of a nanny?

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Have you ever wondered how the life of a nanny looks like? Do you even know what a nanny is?

Being a nanny is not different from any job especially when it comes to challenges. It is a heavy load & requires a good amount of patience, but watching children grow strong makes you feel proud.

Knowing that you’ve been instrumental in raising a healthy, responsible human being is not all.

One of the best parts of being a nanny is the life-long friendships you form with the families of the children.

What Does Being a Nanny Mean?

As a nanny, you would spend your weekend on the floor while watching an adorable six-month-old.

It means working six days a week with many kids and families. Your day starts at 5 am, and finishes around 12 am, you are the first one to wake up and the last one to sleep.

It means a lot of traveling, depending on where you live.

In those conditions love is the only fuel you have.